What goes around, etc!

Positively Speaking!

By: John Rodgers

Christ has risen!- He has risen indeed! We are now at the tail end of the Easter season. I hope all are still feeling the joy of the “Risen Christ”. The prophecies have been fulfilled, Jesus over came death and proved that life is eternal, and we have nothing to fear. Jesus told us He would, and He did. This should be proof enough that all who follow the teachings of this great man would believe all that He taught is “truth”, and the life He showed us is “The Way”. The last time I wrote, I discussed a teaching from Jesus; “ Judge not, lest ye be judged”! The article was about eliminating judgment, and accepting all life sends our way with the intention of finding the opportunity for joy, grace, peace, compassion, and love. Now at first glance, should one be prone to judging, the horrific torture, ridicule, and sadistic crucifixion of Our Lord, would seem a ripe condition for negative judgment. However, had Christ not endured this heinous ordeal, would Christianity even exist today? Out of a seemingly awful occurrence the greatest joy mankind has ever known was born. Funny how that worked out,no?Well, “The Good Shepherd” also taught us; “What so ever you sow, so shall you reap”! A good number of our congregation, as well as some visitors, attended the March, “Fridays”, to view a video version of the highly acclaimed, best selling, Inspirational guide, “The Secret”. This little book explains what is referred to as a “Universal Law” known as “ The Law of Attraction”. This “Law” is the scientific/spiritual mechanism through which the lesson given to us by Jesus, is accomplished. Jesus taught us the “truth” about “ The Law of Attraction”, and now we have been given a little insight as to how it works to create our lives. I previously thought that what “ The Teacher from Nazareth” was alluding to was that if we do kind things for people, kindness will be returned to us. But 20th century Spiritual seekers, teachers, and leaders, have linked science, and spirit to find that our thoughts, actions, and most importantly, our feelings are the creative force that determines the condition of our lives.So I guess, doing good deeds but having a negative outlook, or being charitable, and worrying about bills, or being nice to friends, and criticizing the government, all contradict one another. The ‘ Truths” that Jesus Christ illuminated for all to see, were the “ Secrets” to living lives filled with joy, peace, and grace. All the lessons of the “Christian Message” were a package. No buffet dinner here. Jesus put great emphasis on the meal. He always had people eating together. Christ’s’ message was a full coarse meal, meant to be consumed in its’ entirety.March’s challenge was to try not to pass judgment on life, and take it “as is”, looking for our opportunity to love. For May, I challenge this congregation to do away with negativity, as “ like attracts like”. If we see a situation that needs attention, approach it from the aspect of creating joy from it, instead of lamenting over what we feel is wrong. If we focus our attention on what is wrong with our lives, or what we don’t want for ourselves, or what we don’t like in this world, we attract more of it. First, don’t judge, than, only give attention to what we want to create, as oppose to what we want to eliminate. Let’s not protest war, teach peace instead. Let’s not criticize government, endorse, and encourage better leaders instead, and let’s not focus on how much hunger exists in the world, focus on how many resources we can share with those that could use them. Gratitude, and appreciation will yield much better results than outrage, and anger. Don’t judge all that is wrong with the world and get angry enough to do something, be grateful for all the love we have to share, and appreciate the opportunities to do so!No complaints, no criticism, seek only what we wish to manifest. “ As you sow, so shall you reap” POSITIVELY SPEAKING,  that is good advice


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