Who started this lie??

Thou Do Not See


Fear not my brother where thou shalt liveth, There’s ample room beneath the sun

Our Makers thoughtful gift was giveth, To all of us not just The One


This place in which all brothers dwell, The spot I think to call my home

Could be ‘bout any where we tell, Our bodies to rest from whence we’d roam


The secret that my soul is hiding, Truth to me sometimes revealed

All place and action in God abiding, Causes fear and pain be healed


I seek to find my hidden truth, As life’s meaning may elude

I rest from earnest thought and sleuth, A sudden peace tries to intrude


When thought provokes my mind to still, It dawns on me no answers veiled

The truth I seek with such strong will, Tis there’s no question to be hailed


All answers seem to lie in waiting, For the asker to awake

To the simple truth creating, We know all for heavens sake.

God hides nothing from our faces, We’ve erected veils of stone

Glories’ wondrous love and graces, To us all is easily shown


Beneath the sun the room I dwell in, Has been fashioned in my mind

The life of which all of us fell in, As our own  eyes have left us blind


As you see all thee in grace, There is no truth that we must seek

For all we know of time and space, Shall be revealed when love we speak


About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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