Chicken McNugget or Egg McMuffin?

Positively Speaking!

By John Rodgers

Chicken McNugget, or Egg McMuffin?

I never heard if “They” ever solved the age-old question of what came first. It appears as though you can’t have one without the other, so this is a biggie. I’m glad I never agreed to be one of “them”, so I never have to answer this one! However, this debacle has been prevalent in my life as long as I can remember. It takes the form of my dreams & desires.

Most of us have a plan of sorts. We all know what we want, and or where we are going. Too often though, our happiness, peace, and sense of satisfaction & acceptance are mortgaged by our results. We tend to live in a state of suspended animation, waiting for “our ship to come in” and then we will have the life we want, be who we were meant to be, and allow ourselves to be happy!

I have discovered that I had this one in reverse. I always thought that I would find peace, happiness, and satisfaction, by accomplishing the things in life I set out to do, and was reaping the rewards of a successful life. So I find myself impatiently waiting, suffering, whining, knowing I will never be happy until “my ship comes in”, only to find out that the fuel that will drive the ship to me is my happiness, satisfaction & peace!

God is the omnipotent power, force, and creative energy at the source of all that is. The Holy Spirit is the flowing of this energy through each of us. We were given creative license to direct the flow of this “God Power” in any way we desire. The result we get is what we call our life! Each of us is an instrument that God uses to create, and we determine what is created with our faith. Our attitudes and beliefs direct the result of our creation. We cannot create happy positive lives without being happy & positive first! In order to get where we are going, and be who we were meant to be, we have to learn to create from a good feeling place. Trying to create joyful results from frustration, and impatience is impossible. The answer to the question “Which comes first happiness, or the attainment of our desires,” happiness is the answer. We all need to create from happiness to have the results we desire.

This is the role of gratitude. When frustration over the lack of what we want sends our mood south, we must look for something to be grateful for, in order to elevate our mood to a “happy place” so we can continue to create in the direction of our desire.  Our “E-Motions” are the built-in guidance system we have to inform us of the direction our creative energy is flowing. If we are feeling bad, the “motion” of our “energy” is in the opposite direction of our desire. If we use our emotions to guide us, and perform a course correction by using gratitude, we will find the trip toward “where we are going” much smoother, and quicker. We have this built in GPS, (God Powered System) or internal guidance, called emotions, and the corrective tool of gratitude to get us back on track. To quote an earlier article, “It’s in there” God has equipped us with all the latest technology to create lives of joy & peace. We just had to figure out what came first the chicken or the egg.

POSITIVELY SPEAKING, finding the happy place first brings us to what we are looking for.


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