Feeling Down

There are times, (especially around the Holidays) that the going seems a little rough. It is at these time we need to be ever vigilent with our focus. When we understand that what we focus on expands, and what we think about most we create in our lives, we need to pay attention to where our minds go.
A small inconvenience leads us to think that the day is an imposition. We think “why do I bother” then we look at our lives through the lense of dissapointment. As the day goes on, all the little things that we have no patience for seem to be jumping out at us. Then,,, on the way home we have a fender bender. Pissed and dissalusioned with life, we open the front door, pick up the mail and see BILLS! Oh my God! Why is this happening to ME? How will I ever get through this? I want out!!!
Beleive it or not, When we send out negative energy, self defeating thought vibrations, it is like saying” this is the kind of stuff I want, please send more” and “voila” you get more, every time!
We create our lives with thought/feeling vibration. The way we feel connected to conditions and circumstances is the same as “Asking” .
We have all heard the story about the 3 guys n the island….Genie’s lamp,,, each get 1 wish. 1st guy,,,, Wish I was in a NYC penthouse with all my friends celebrating my big lotto win,,Poof! He’s gone. 2nd guy,,, wish I was in the south of France sipping champange with beautiful women,,Poof, he’s gone. 3rd guy,,,,,,I wish my buddies were here to help me decide!!!!
And so it is.
The Universe, (God), Divine self, does not discern the appropriatness of your focus. It just recognizes continued repetitive focus ( with conviction that this is how it is) and poof! Look around,,,, you actually asked for this.
Positive Thinking is not impressed upon us nearly as much as it should be. Religion calls it faith. Faith is a double edge sword. If you are convinced that you’re destined to wallow in crap and the road out is too long and too difficult, then, “voila”, or Poof!
When negativity creeps in, thank it for sharing, push it aside and focus upon what you DO want, always keep your eyes on the prize, not the roadblocks!
Positively Speaking,,,,,It’s the only way to go! We are steering the wheel of our own journey. It helps to have a map.

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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