For those  that have experienced challenges and navigated successfully past them, the last thing you want to hear is: It makes you stronger, or it was all for a reason, Gods’ plan, yadayada. I’m sure we would agree that strength could have been developed without the pain.

Non the less, struggles endured and obstacles met stand as beacons in the night. For anyone facing new challenges, hope is gleaned from the example of those that have emerged victorious. All will agree that coming through pain, suffering, tragedy, and adversity leaves one with a renewed sense of purpose, and a personal power not previously realized.

Now it never feels good to think you suffered for a reason. It doesn’t make it worth it at all. But to the individual looking at challenges anew, the victories of those that have endured is the hope needed to hang on. Without the examples of strength to hold them up, pain & suffering is unbearable.  All action has value. Every experience serves a purpose. God is in Heaven all’s right with the world.


” Pain & suffering, adversity and strife are negligible with the strength displayed by others, without the power of example, hope is lost and suffering becomes desperation”


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2 Responses to Sacrifice

  1. Nancy Wait says:

    Wonderful post John!

    I totally agree with you, “Every experience serves a purpose.”

    There’s a terrific chapter on The Fruits of Suffering in “When the Soul Awakens”
    (scroll down to the excerpt of Chapter VI.

    It leads in with the great quote:

    “Call the world…‘the vale of Soul-making’
    Then you will find out the use of the world.”

    ~John Keats
    Namaste ~


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