Resolution Revolution

The Resolution Revolution

Resolution: Firmness of will, belief, and action; determination. Firm pledge or solemn commitment.

It’s that time of year again! Christmas has passed; we sit back and reflect upon the year gone by. What should I have done differently? What didn’t I do that I should have? Or even worse, what did I do that I’ll never do again??

I don’t know how this pastime got started, but the timing is perfect. As the summer draws to a close, I am too, too busy with yard work to look at my list of “ woulda’, shoulda’, coulda’ves. Than as we draw near Thanksgiving, there’s no point dieting or working out now! Only a fool would try to get control of vices between Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We are all spending too much, eating too much, and yes…partying too much. The week between Christmas, and New Years, is left to cleaning, more eating, laying on the couch scratching, and preparing for, “The Big Change”. I always get last licks in this week, because come January 1, it’s all over!

This year though, I looked up the word. There are a lot of tough words in that definition. If I had known New Years Resolutions were that serious I would never have attempted one. From what I see, most new years resolutions last at best two weeks. The two week ones were the ones I was always in awe of, as mine usually make it 3-4 days. Maybe I expect too much of myself. It seems every year as far back as I can recall, my resolutions have been the same. I’ll bet that is true for most folk. That is sad when you think of it. How many of us are living lives we do not want, acting in ways we do not like, and letting our dreams and expectations pass us by? Why is that? What is it about temptation that is so tempting? Why are we always tempted by things we do not want? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was tough to resist doing the things we know we should? At the start of every New Year, we all sit down and realize that we aren’t who we think we are, and vow to give it one more shot!

Well by golly, this year is going to be different! (I think I’ve said that every year also).But really, it doesn’t have to be this way. We are our own worst enemy. We do this to ourselves. When I think about it, nothing in my life has come at me by surprise. I do not believe life happens. I really believe we create our own situation. (As a man thinketh, so shall he be). Life is a reflection of how we react to the situations we are presented with. The occurrences around us are not to blame for any of our conditions. We choose how we will react to them. This is what creates the life we live; it is “Our Choices” that define us.

A ball player will get pitched 2 kinds of pitches; a ball, or a strike! If he lets the ball go by, he walks! If he swings properly at the strike; a good hit comes from it. You see, whether the outcome was good or bad was not determined by the type of pitch, but how he reacted to the pitch. We are in the batters box every day. All kinds of pitches come at us. They are not the reason for the conditions of our lives. The choices we make about how to react, they are the creators of our reality. Our choices are our own. Our thoughts begin with us. The thoughts we think create the results of life, which in turn, becomes who, and what we are.

This year, I am not going to make resolutions to fight the war on temptation. This time, I think, I will think better thoughts, create better results, and take responsibility for the outcomes of my choices. For now I will choose to drive my own bus!

I am going to attempt to follow these simple, POSITIVE, 5 steps/ beliefs:

1.There is only One Presence and One Power, God the Good, omnipotence
2. If God is everywhere, God is also within everyone
3. My thoughts create my reality

4. Pray affirmatively giving thanks for what I desire
5. Practice the four principles (above) to the best of my ability each and every day.

Positively Speaking; I am optimistic about the new year!

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