How did I end up in Jersey when I was heading for NY?

Positively Speaking!
By John Rodgers
How did I end up in Jersey when I was heading for NY?

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy!
Robert Burns poem “A Mouse”
In English: Best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
We have all heard or perhaps proclaimed it ourselves when plans seem to fall apart. We tend to chalk it up to “Fate” or Providence” ( not the city in RI). And move on. But why? Why is it our lives do not go as planned. Hey, “I read The Secret” ! You get what you think about right! If you believe it, you receive it?? What happened here? Why Am I in Secaucus, and not Brooklyn?
As it is, many millions of folk are not aware that all form, condition, event, and circumstance is born from mind. Everything that we encounter and can experience was first thought. Thought is the birthplace of all creation. What you think about consistently and hold in your mind, manifests in your life, whether wanted or not!
For those of us that have discovered this truth of creation, and spend our days and night spewing affirmation after affirmation, visualizing the fruit of our desire, and still finding ourselves on the Jersey Turnpike instead of the Long Island expressway, here’s the deal: Feeling is the key! Absolute hard core conviction= wish fulfilled! Words are a good place to start, but it is our feelings that send the message to the cosmos, and rearranges the energy vibration causing events to occur and materials to manifest. Feeling, conviction, faith that is tantamount to knowing, will bring the desired result.
In The Bible, New Testament, Jesus is quoted as saying, “Ask, seek, knock” We all have heard that, but we are also told, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you”. There is the disclaimer! He covered his ass with that one. Also, There is a quote in the book of John where Jesus has said, “Pray as though your prayer has been answered and it surely will”. The point I am making is that just wishing, hoping, intending will produce only disappointment. Knowing, this is the catalyst for the fulfillment of desires.
When we plan for success, affirm it, pray for it, visualize it, but hold fear and trepidation, feel unworthy, do not really believe it possible,,,, we fail. It is our inner most belief that manifests, not our superficial desire.
For example: A household with 2 working parents, 2 good cars, a close nit family with love and values. The teen son asks the Father if he can use the car on Saturday night to take his girl out. The Father says “sure you can son, just don’t be late and drive carefully. It is now only Saturday morning so the event is not yet ocuuring, but the son is feeling the joy and jubilance of his request fulfilled because he KNOWS, nothing will prevent it.
Example 2: A family where both parents are unemployed, only 1 car, Father drinks on weekends with his friends, and car is in disrepair. Teen son asks the same question, and is told, “Yeah, whatever” That boy is still feeling tentative, probably thinking, “ he is going to take it and disappear before I go out, I just know it” What do you think the odds are for him? It is not the condition that causes the outcome, but the feeling behind it that does. The belief there is stronger on the side of disappointment than it is on the side of success. It is our aith that creates for us. The lesson here is to totally banish all negative thinking. When we have intent, plus faith and conviction, we have our dreams fulfilled. When we dwell on negativity, even though we are wishing for the opposite, the predominate feeling is the one that will be realized.

My advice; Seek ye first the Kingdom,,,,,. Come to know the reality of your own divinty. Look for only good in your experience. Dwell on the positive aspects of life. Embrace the simple joy of living, then you can wish, visualize, affirm and pray with conviction.
The student asked the master: “Master, there is an angry vicious dog, and a quiet gentle one that both come visit me in the court yard, which one is more likely to survive the cold harsh winter? The master relies;” The one you feed the most”
Positively Speaking, entertain only thoughts of a positive nature, banish doubt and complaining completely from your mind and The Law Of Attraction will work for you!

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