I Decide

I Decide

By John Rodgers

The choice is mine to venture forth though wrought with victims robe

East & south or west & north, forward moving is my probe

The will that drives my fearful trek doth leave me cause to wonder

With outward view an awful wreck, my soul retreats from sounds of thunder

It seems at times I’ve no control, experience comes as random chances

As worldly oceans toss and roll, creation by my hand advances

Could it be I’ve asked for this, a life not what my heart desires?

Creation answers thoughts amiss, as painted clouds spark tearful fires

For once the mind embraces will, the canvass of my life is true

Intent of purpose a heart so still, reveals the yield of spirits’ due

For I alone can offer choice, and move toward making wishes real

The truth comes from the inner voice, regretful choices shall reveal.

As enmity drains from inside, and love espouses action

The peace and calm I will derive, brings joyful satisfaction

Awakened to the truth of being, the choice is mine and mine alone

The darkened eye is finally seeing; how Spirit focused I have grown

Equanimity foreshadows doubt, as confidence and faith appear

My love shall cast all demons out, divine existence drawing near

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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