Not as they appear

Things are not as they appear


In my mind I need to know, the truth of who I am

Endlessly searching, stretching, pushing beyond the scope of my understanding

Just to know

I understand I am not who I appear to be

I Am that I Am

I believe this to so

Viewing all I have created, realizing I am part of the mosaic of life

Creating, searching, longing to know

Discovering all are one, I am That

Still, a fleeting feeling touches upon the compassion of my soul

Creating, searching, longing to know

I know! Still, I search

Something is amiss, something does not fit

Many parts, one existence, a place for everything

My turmoil is that of being out of place

There is no place I need to be

Creating, searching, longing to know

I see what lies before me, lies the lot

I kid myself that this is true. I’ve created lies

Only to know truth

Truth amid the lie, a dream within a dream

A shroud of iniquity boldly adorned, falsely contrived

Only to know, to create, to search

Desperate to know, knowing but not

Believing the lies I’ve created

Only to know them as lies

The truth I share I cannot live

Searching, creating sharing what I know

All is as I have created it. It is. I am.

I have created it to discover it

I’ve masked it to uncover it

I’ve hidden it for the thrill of the search

I destroy it only to create

It seems I need something, there is nothing that will fill

My need is to create my need.

Fulfillment comes only through need.

I have found, then discard the search endlessly

All that I see I have fashioned from the stone of ignorance

My creations are not as they appear, only the need is real

Connect, entwine, reunite

Creation is sharing light

All That is I AM, I am the light.

I seek to find only myself amid the crowd of illusion

All are me, I am all. There is no thing to find

Things are not as they appear

I made this, this is who I AM

John Rodgers 

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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