Positively Speaking


How many times have we repeated the phrase, ”I know”? It is most used when answering a reminder regarding poor judgment, previous plans, intentions, or actions. It seems. (as far as what we should be doing or being), that we already know the deal. Eating that 3rd chili dog when we are prone to heartburn, or going out in 2 feet of snow with sneakers on, or maybe even, trying to get home when the gas gauge says empty because we think we can squeeze another 2 miles out of it? This is normal. We all fall prey to it. WE KNOW BETTER! WE INTEND OTHERWISE! SO WHY?

Why do we end up so often in the midst of situations, actions, & experiences that we do not intend, when the fault is 100% ours and we know better? Some will ask: If “The Law Of Attraction” brings you what you want most, think about often, and truly believe in,,,,,then how do we get where we got?

This immutable “Law” of both physics & spirituality, never waivers. Wherever we are, whatever  we encounter, most surely came from within our own minds and vibration. There is no other way for anything to be created.


There are differing degrees of “want” There are a variety of levels to intention. We as humans are continuously seeking pleasure, or at least freedom from pain, which is pleasure. There is nothing anyone ever wants or desires for any reason other than the thought of getting it would make them feel good. Our creative drive and purpose in life is to express, feel, and share joy, and as such all actions are attempts at just that. With each and very thought we have a choice. Our choices bring us to the next thought which comes a the result of the prior. All actions create feeling. All actions have consequence. That is the Pain/Pleasure paradigm.  Example:

          I am 50 lbs over weight and have trouble tying my shoes, walking up stairs, and participating in sports I love. This is the pain of my situation. So, I intend to shed the weight. The pleasure of accomplishment would be, to be back at my old weight and enjoying life again. Seems simple, “I know what to do. I know what I want, I know how to do it!

Why don’t we do these things when we KNOW? There is pleasure in the pain, and pain in the pleasure. We all need to weigh the level of our endurance, and sacrifice, then determine which “pleasure/pain scenario” yields the most joy. This discernment is mostly bantered about in the subconscious mind. Our task, “should we choose to accept it”, is to intentionally weigh the levels prior to undertaking any significant changes in our lives. Example:

1)    I have pain from being overweight. (Fact). I will experience pleasure from losing weight! ( Fact).

2)    I currently take pleasure in snacking and resting. ( Fact). I find exercise and dieting to be somewhat painful (Fact)

Since we are “hardwired” to creatively seek pleasure and eliminate pain, it is difficult to unconsciously move in the more painful direction, in spite of best intentions. Does the elimination of the “Pleasurable snacking” & introduction of the “Painful dieting & exercising” exceed, the “Pain of being overweight”, or the “Pleasure of easily tying shoes and participating in sports”? This is the war our subconscious mind is waging when we: forget to floss, eat a whole tub of ice cream, sleep late, never check our oil or tire pressure, put together the new widget without reading the instructions, put off a major project at work until the last minute just to spend time on FaceBook. WE all encounter these situations. Then when asked we say, “I know, I know”!

What we need to do is rate our pain, pleasure level in a given situation intentionally. Then decide which one is the real priority. Then post reminders, make lists, and be purposefully aware. Our subconscious mind will act solely on the “feeling” messages the conscious mind sends. We need to disrupt those, and re-program if we ever intend to change our behavior for the better. Remember, we got where we are because it was more pleasurable to do so, even though we didn’t realize it.

Positively Speaking; Weigh your Pleasure, Weigh your pain, if you wish to realize gain.


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