What you see,,,,,

What you think,,is what you see.


I was in the gas station today filling my bike and buying a scratch-off so I could afford to fill my truck, when a stranger tapped me on the shoulder. He was a scrappy looking guy in his late 20’s who looked like he had it pretty hard. He had a big gash on his head, and looked like he was hung over. He commented about a saying on my shirt. He said it was real! I was wearing a shirt I received on a mission trip to theDominican Republicto build schoolhouses and churches for the sugar cane workers living in the field villages they call Bateys. The saying was from Margaret Mead, (a cultural anthropologist who was a popular speaker in the 60’s & 70’s, and activist for social change). The quote reads:

 “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

I agreed with him that the quote speaks volumes, and we went about our business. Later I was outside filling my bike after an unsuccessful scratch of 2 $5 tickets, when he appeared out of nowhere. He looked distraught and claimed:

 “Why is the whole world like shit? Why can’t more people be like that quote? I am trying to turn things around; I am so tired of all the shit! I guy came in my house and put a gun to my head, then my little boys head and took all our money, I gotta stop this shit. I guess I have to give my life to God or something.”

I told him that the whole world is not shit. I explained that for every person doing unsavory things, there are a dozen people living good lives, and a few making a positive difference.  The good out weighs the bad, but we can only see what is around us. I went on to explain that a life filled with violence, pain, drugs alcohol, gangs, and mistrust is a lifestyle choice. These conditions don’t just show up. I told him how my life was like that in my teens and twenties, and then I changed my intentions. I have not had violence and mistrust in my life for over 25 years. When I look around, I see the good in people and the opportunity to contribute when negative conditions arise. He was surprised to hear that not all people live in pain and grief. My explanation was that is was not necessary to go to the extreme of “Giving his life to God” but only change his thoughts. When we think about “getting” at the expense of others, and chasing after our own fulfillment regardless the cost, we end up where he is. On the other hand, when our thoughts and intentions are more toward contributing, helping, and giving, after a short time, all of the people we associate with, and surround ourselves by, are like-minded. The world has not changed, but what we see has. We can open the paper, or turn on the TV and see that there is still plenty of shit,,,,but it is not OUR SHIT, NOT OUR LIFE! We all live on the same planet, breath the same air, and we all eat, shit, and eventually die. That does not mean we all share the same life. Same world, same city, same town, perhaps same family, but life is an individual experience defined by our thoughts & intentions, and created by what we believe. I can cruise route 63 up to Falls Village and say: “Dream ride” you can take that road and say it sucks! Some guys like doing 120 on a crotch rocket on the highway, I like doing 50 on the country road. We all have opinions, we all have intentions, we all believe things to be a certain way. When we change our outlook from “me, me, me, fuck you”: to; “how can I help”, all of a sudden, the sun comes out and life gets better. If you say the world is shit; it is because your mind is shit, change your mind and your life will follow. The world may be the same, but life will be different. Positively Speaking, “THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION”


It’s in there!

The road I’m on has twist and turns I navigate with skill

Squeeze the clutch and kick my heel as I approach another hill


Is this ride a burden, or a pleasure I face with joy

The answer lies within the mind of this crotchety ole boy


I start my bike and head down the drive by choice not task or need

The roads I ride and pace I take are as my soul agreed


The life I see as pavement passes has been fashioned in my mind

I choose to ride, I choose to serve, as I see the road unwind


I have created all of this there is no one to blame

If all I see is gravel and pot holes and feel shame


Then I must check my inside and change the way I think,

Or else the life I’m living is guaranteed to stink


The road that lies before me, is created in my mind

My thoughts and best intentions are the seed of what I’ll find.




About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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4 Responses to What you see,,,,,

  1. This strongly resonates with me. I too, am an avid follower of the law of attraction. I have proven to myself over and over that if we change our thoughts, we can change our lives. Always great to find others who have found the same path. : )


  2. Thank you for your thoughtful insight. I hope the person you spoke to at the gas station was open to what you had to say.


    • positivelyjohn says:

      Yes he was. He said ” Thank You Sir, you’ve helped alot” That made my day! I told him he helped me morte than I helped him.
      Thanks for the read, & the comment


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