Think Right-Live Right

Every intention sets energy into motion Whether you are conscious of it or not. ~ Gary Zukav ~

This quote from Gary Zukav has the key message that eludes most, “Whether you are conscious of it, or not”.

There is so, so much in our world that does not appeal to us. Being debt, being ill, being alone, being overweight, being in the wrong job, or unemployed, not the right friends, city, town, crappy car, etc, ad-infinitumn. The misnomer is that these circumstances are thrust upon us without our control. We believe that we are powerless, or at least only partially responsible for their existence in our lives. We may even believe we are victims of circumstance, dealt a bad hand, raw deal and so on. We throw up our hands and claim that this is our lot in life.

Then one day we hear some “self-help guru” spewing about “The Law of Attraction” and how we can have everything in life we want, as long as we believe we can. Oh boy, here I go, Boats, mansions, supermodels, hamburgers made from real beef, everything anyone could want. But hey, I tried, no good, it’s all crap.

Here’s the “rub”!   

Prayers, affirmations, visualization, intention etc, all work flawlessly. Like the Genie in the bottle, our wishes are answered in kind. We must be ever so diligent with our minds, knowing that the Genie is always listening. The genie responds to: CONTINUED FOCUSSED THOUGHT WITH CONVICTION AND BELIEF STRONG ENOUGH TO GENERATE EMOTION! THAT IS WHAT THE GENIE SEES AS A REQUEST.

The problem is; if I’m poor, and can’t pay bills, I need $$$$! But instead of my thoughts being on $$$ flowing to me in an unending stream, feeling the joy & relief of financial security, I keep looking at my bills and feeling scared, desperate, impatient, practically begging God/Universe/ Cosmos, to save me by sending me $$. What is the focus there? Lack! What is the emotion? Fear, what does the genie send? Lack, pain, poverty!

Instead of taking responsibility for my plight, I blame society, the government, my upbringing, and focus on all the reasons why I am like I am, then close my eyes and try to “wish it away” Not going to happen!

What we focus on expands. What are emotions are born from is our prayer. We need to focus on what we want as if we already had it. Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Abundance, health, relationship, peace and Joy will come to us once we believe it. To believe it means to feel it first, the Genie will send it.

By choosing your thoughts,
and by selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you determine the quality of your Light.
You determine the effects that you will have upon others,
…and the nature of the experiences of your life.
Gary Zukav
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.~ Mark 11:24
The Journey is the Destination

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2 Responses to Think Right-Live Right

  1. DJD says:

    All very nice, and I agree that my thoughts and attitudes can control how I feel about life given the things I have no control over. But. Wishing things were better won’t change the actions of other people or the myriad things I cannot control at all. And wishing (praying, believing, positive thinking etc) for it will only lead to disappointment. eventually. So, I’d rather accept that my life isn’t perfect and make due with what I have. Car old ? at least I have one. Kids not listening ? at least I have them. Not enough money ? my lfestyle is still better than 90% of the world’s population. As an American I have SO much more than others. Even as a poor American. Sick or dying ? at least I got a chance to live and experience and love for a while. Stop wishing things were different and start being thankful for the incredible gift that is life.


    • It is not my intention that anyone is to be dissapointed with what they have. Read my other blogs, I’m all about gratitude. The message in this post is ( if things do not serve you,ei” ill, sick, unemployed, bad relationship etc, do not FOCUS on what’s wrong, as you will only get more of it, focus on things how you would like them to be. What we focus on, expands and we get more of it.
      My point is, not to dwell on the negative. Being grateful for what we have is the prerequisite for creating more like it.
      An attitude of gratitude is the key to peace.
      Thanks for the reply.


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