Virus: 4) something that has a corrupting or poisonous effect, especially on the mind

Like attracts like.  Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes.  the subconscious identically creates.
~ Brian Adams
Whether we are aware of it or not, our thoughts, (when focused upon with conviction) become emotions ( E-Motion/ energy in motion) which drives the attraction or creation of our experience. We cannot send out positive and negative energy simultaneously. It may very well be a beautiful day, hair looking great, car washed and purring like a kitten, cash in the wallet and sun overhead, but any time, without notice; BAM! The dark cloud of negativity will strike. When it does, we do an immediate 180 degree turn, and go about spreading the curse like wildfire. The viral properties of COMPLAINING, have taken down many a beautiful day and sent it to the depths of hell.

It is human nature to lament our displeasure with conditions that don’t “jive” with our sense of calm and our plans. However, that only robs us of the present moment ( pre-sent moment) of joy. Once we begin to voice our displeasure, we spread the virus globally. Every day in every way we are apt to encounter conditions that do not please us, or nourish our sense of well-being. That is by design! Diverse, contrasting circumstances are fodder for our creative process. All of life is the creation of the universe ( uni-verse; One song sung collectively by all). We are here to create joy. Creation is achieved through the sending forth of vibration ( emotion) and manipulating matter ( energy) to take the form ( life in-formation) of the matching emotion. When we are confronted by distasteful conditions, they are the catalyst for either our gratitude for the opposing reality, or the creation and/or attraction of it. Example:

There is a fork in the road. To the left; rocky muddy, moldy ground, steep incline and sharp curves. To the right; level, mildly serpentine, scenic road with flowers, streams, and smooth terrain. I choose right! I have just created a joyful reality that has added to the unfolding of the UNIVERSE. Had I stood and bitched about the left road, lamenting over why it is in need of repair, and criticizing those that maintain it, even if I chose the right path and bantered about the left while I travelled, I would have just created “hell on earth”. Then should I decide to inform everyone, my hell has just gone viral.

Thoughts are boomerangs,  returning with precision to their source. Choose wisely which ones you throw.
~ Author Unknown ~

Galatians 6: whatsoever you sow, so shall you reap



HTTP://WWW.ACOMPLAINTFREEWORLD.ORG  Will Bowen  from Unity Church In Kansas began a complain free campaign in 2006. He has been on every major talk show and has distributed over 6,000,000 purple bracelets. The bracelet is a reminder to refrain. Maya Angelou received # 6,000,000

Are you up for the challenge. DON’T COMPLAIN-REFRAIN!  Create joy!

‎’It’s our choices, Harry,
that show us what we really are…
far more than our abilities.’

~ Albus Cumbledore from ‘ Harry Potter’ by J K Rowling ~


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