John Rodgers

We all have needs and strong desire, Our natures such this is our drive

This quest of ours will take us higher, Or maybe just keep us alive


It seems the thirst can not be quenched, Our needs once met produce two more

We strain and toil till sweat has drenched, Though rich and full we still feel poor


The ceaseless call to gather more ,Constructs the chains that seem to bind

Our prison cell immortal chore, Offers no relief of mind


At times we dream of freedoms feel, To want no more and be content

Some how though it does not seem real, To end the task so Heaven sent


The inner push to grow and change, Has caused us to create this space

Desire has led us to arrange, All particle that’s in this place


It seems to keen observant eye, This dance may have been by design

Our world and all that pass us by, Could not have been prepared so fine


As we observe both then and now, By chance to gaze at what is to be

The truth of being is just how, This is the world we’re meant to see


The Point from all desires birth, The source of want and its supply

Has laid this plan and gird its worth, Ensured creation does not die


The Grand I AM has set this motion, As intent to know all that is

Experiencing both land and ocean, Enjoying mine and yours as His


Without desire we have no creation, Wanting has been good for all

Each life, and land and spacious nation, Are here as answers to our call


Our wanting may at times confuse, Driving peace just out of reach

Realizing we’ve been made to use, As tools for God, whose lessons teach


Desire’s such choice yields creation, There would be no here without this song

I AM expands without cessation , Confirming want cannot be wrong.


About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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