Looking for the Forest??

When I stop looking!

How often one sees people looking far and wide for what they are holding in their hands? Augustus William Hare

…All of life is a journey. We are all heading somewhere, looking for something, trying to fill a void. We were born with that drive. The only problem is; we weren’t told what we were looking for!!
No matter how good or how bad our lives seem to be, they never feel quite right. There always feels like there is a piece missing, like we are not whole. We are all endlessly seeking to fill that void. Hence;
Unfaithful relationships
power, control, manipulation of others
fame, notoriety, etc!
In The Bible, Jesus instructed us to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”

All that we know as “reality” are components of ONE DIVINE EXISTANCE! God IS! Everything is a part of That Whole. The appearence of being seperate is the illusion that is neccesary to keep us searching. The search is no more than the “Humpty Dumpty” like desire to be whole once again. The actual drive we have is LOVE! The emotion that compells us to draw unto ourselves that which is missing.
Like Dorothy in Kansas, and the prodigal Son, we all set out to fill this void by external means, when the truth is; noting is missing!
The  “things” we seek so diligently are actually a realization. We are looking for an Epiphany! We need to come to the understanding that.” I AM”!
All are One, and everything is complete. We are standing in the forest, surrounded by the trees that we are striving for. Realize it! Real EYEs it!
Appreciate life for what it is. Be grateful for everything that you have. Use the talents and passions you have to make the area you influence better, and you will know joy. Upon this reaEYEsation, we will be launched into a world of abundance and prosperity, contentment and peace, acceptance and unconditional love!
What we are looking for is to connect with “All That IS” as a part of who WE ARE. Then we will be HOME

The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. ~Buddha

Namaste`~ The Journey IS the destinationSee More


Fear not my brother where thou shalt liveth, There’s ample room beneath the sun
Our Makers thoughtful gift was giveth, To all of us not just The One

This place in which all brothers dwell, The spot I think to call my home
Could be ‘bout any where we tell, Our bodies to rest from whence we’d roam

The secret that my soul is hiding, Truth to me sometimes revealed
All place and action in God abiding, Causes fear and pain be healed

I seek to find my hidden truth, As life’s meaning may elude
I rest from earnest thought and sleuth, A sudden peace tries to intrude

When thought provokes my mind to still, It dawns on me no answers veiled
The truth I seek with such strong will, Tis there’s no question to be hailed

All answers seem to lie in waiting, For the asker to awake
To the simple truth creating, We know all for heavens sake.

God hides nothing from our faces, We’ve erected veils of stone
Glories’ wondrous love and graces, To us all is easily shown

Beneath the sun the room I dwell in, Has been fashioned in my mind
The life of which all of us fell in, As our own  eyes have left us blind

As you see all thee in grace, There is no truth that we must seek
For all we know of time and space, Shall be revealed when love we speak

John T. Rodgers

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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