Old Barn

Some days things just don’t go our way. On those days, we want to run. All we are looking for is shelter from the stormy winds of life. Without notice, life can turn upside down. These are the times we need to turn away from the fast pace stream of our own creation and commune with the indwelling truth. Say:

The spark of Divinity is at the core of my being.

All that is I AM.

The breathe and Source of Life flows in and through me.

My heart is filled with the joy of Unity.

God is Love and Life

There is nothing I need that I do not already have

The Source of All has made all creation perfect

I AM to express Life

The Life of ALL Things is MY Life.

By turning within in silence, and affirming the truth of our identity, we can regain our composure and sense of purpose. It is not difficult to get lost in tumult of living. From time to time, we have to pause and reflect with awe on the true nature of life and the integral part we each play. Say:

The Mosaic of Life in form is the art of my soul

I am unique and a part of the whole

We all fit together to make One Grand Experience

Each part is as important as the next

My gift to Humanity is the life I am living

Everything is fine just as it is

What I am creating God has created through me and by Law must be perfect

All life is divine

I am all life.

At times, we can view life as a winding labyrinth with no clear destination. Those are the times we try  to attempt to find the meaning in our lives. Life has no meaning, except the meaning we choose to give it. The only purpose in life is to be life. The Source Of All That Is has set in motion this dance we call life, the song we dance to has only one verse—UNI-VERSE-
That verse is Love. God is expressing itself in form through LIFE. All of life exists to display Divinity in form.  GOD IN-FORMATION.

I Look within I look without I see not what my heart desires

I toil and struggle filled with doubt, creating tear-filled burning fires

The point of this unyielding quest does cause my heart to stray

I see no port nor barn for rest, My life unfolds as one long day

Perhaps by chance the veil pulls back, revealing truth of life once more

At once the light streams through the crack, Affirming my immortal chore

To BE is all that is required, life is perfect in it’s path

As I look deep I am Inspired, there in lies no evil wrath.

All is right there is no other, what path I choose is what shall be

All hearts desire to know each other, As all are One we soon shall see.

JRodgers 2011


The Journey IS the Destination

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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  1. short poems says:

    Sooo Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!

    Take care


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