At first glance, our initial, superficial awareness of negative conditions, we naturally would think; I never asked for this”, but indeed we did.

It seems ludicrous to imaging us intentionally allowing our world to crumble before our eyes. Surely we are the victim of circumstance, conditions beyond our control, fate! Otherwise, why would bad shit happen??? NOT BY MY OWN HAND!

Everything is perfect in the universe – even your desire to improve it. ~Wayne Dyer ~

“We are responsible for the conditions in our lives. We attract what we want, and what we don’t want, according to our focused thought.”

As long as you believe in Life as an Eternal Spirit, connected to “ALL THAT IS” then it is easy to understand that we have created all we have encountered. Most of us will accept that we are living with the results of our actions and choices, but random accidents, crimes, debilitating diseases, and challenging conditions that we came into this world with, do not seem to be anything we would intentionally create.

(We must understand that life itself, is the unfolding moment of NOW in which “Itself” is experiencing the full spectrum of possibility prevalent through the individuated choices and thoughts of the collective expressions of “Itself”)

In order for a full range of emotion, condition, and reality to exist, we must create, destroy, learn, teach, discover, and repeat. Negative appearance are opportunities for creativity. fearful, scary, sad situations allow loving compassionate acts to exist. Everything has a purpose, nothing is without value no matter how dire the appearance. The tragedy of 9/11 sent millions to Churches, countless people flying flags and displaying love of country, thousands reaching out with love and care, and billion$$ raised in the name of UNITY & LOVE. There was value there that outshined the tragedy. That was an opportunity to create LOVE & Peace amid fear and hatred.

Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. ~Wayne Dyer~

Our day-to-day encounters are representative of where our thoughts are focussed. Positive loving thoughts attract & create like experiences, while negative fearful thoughts draw upon us the conditions we fear. The bigger more prevalent challenges we face were forks in the road taken prior to conception, as were all the partners, locations, and stations in life through which we entered “The Show” Read Brian Weiss series “Many Lives Many Masters / Messages from the Masters / Only Love is Real, and you will discover these truths.

We need devastation to inspire reparation. We need pain to inspire us to offer relief. We need to have reasons to rebuild, in order to find joy through creation. There is dusk every evening, always followed by dawn,,,,never fails.

We Indeed asked for this! We need to create silk purses from the Sow ears we chose, that is the task of our lives. See the beauty in the stone before it is carved into a magnificent sculpture.



The Journey IS  the Destination.

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