Where Are All The Angels?

I found these Angels while on a bus in The Domincan Republic:

Hebrews 13: 1-2 Keep on
loving each other as brothers. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by
doing so, you may be entertaining angels unaware!


are all the angels?

As a child I learned of Angels, but
never really saw one I wondered if I ever would, for Angels must be fun

I grew up, and lived my life, wondering
‘bout them still And then one day I felt a call, to do our Fathers Will

Now surely on a mission trip some Angels
would appear I looked up in the sky each day to see if some were near

But to my disappointment, all I saw up
there was sun so I went about my business, so much work was to be done

We smacked our hammers on the big pink
wall, and hung some brand new doors, We wore a Christian smile as we went bout
our chores

We brought some clothes and medicine, to
people with great need we healed their wounds and gave them hope as we put
aside our greed

We worked together as a team, with a
never-ending task the poverty and pain we saw, we’ll surely never mask

As we traveled home one day, on our beat
up old school bus I finally saw the Angels…. In the face of each of us

Angels do not float on clouds, or fly
across the skies they ride on beat-up buses with sore backs and tear-filled

Angels have not wings of gold, or halo’s
on their heads, they have chisel hammers, paintbrushes, hearing aids, and meds

So as you look for Angels, and wonder
where they are go take a ride… and help someone, the Angels ‘ in your car

Now if you seem to have some doubt that
Angels could be real look in the rear view mirror cause the Angels at the wheel

Angels are not separate, or apart from
you and me they are the GRACE of GOD inside that we need to set free

For when you make a choice that you will
do our Fathers Will The Angel that’s inside will make you better even still

If you’re ever at wits end, with
troubles of your own Remember Angel’s work in teams; you’ll never be alone

Inspired by. Good
Samaritan Mission

Construction and
Med team mission work.

La Romana, Republica

March 2001

March 2002

March 2003

March 2004

Feb 2005

John T. Rodgers

The Congregational Church
Of Naugatuck U.C.C.

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