John Rodgers Copyright 2011

Ridings my passion, but like with most stuff, it comes with some unsavory shit

No point in rehashin’,  Or getting’ in a huff,  there’s no gain in havin a fit,

But the cobbles stone road, and the pot holes in town, Reek havoc on my aging back,

It would lighten my load,  if the assholes around,  would sit still while I give them a whack

Getting cut off 3 times and stoppin short for the jerks, really makes a good ride into a chore

But I’m in control of  how my attitude works, I don’t have to let them get to me likes this no more

Perspective I’m told is the key to my bliss, making half empty –half full, in a flash

Keeping cool on the road,  and my anger in check, goes a  long way in preventing a crash

A bad trip gets better when I look to sun, for that’s where the bright side resides


Every mans in control of whatever he’s done, and responsible for all of his rides

We each write our story, theres no one to blame, I need get a hold of myself  once and for all

They’ll be no road glory, only anguish & shame, till I grow up and answer my call.

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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