So many folks seem to be lost these days. Even more hold on to ancient belief systems for comfort and refuse to entertain a new philosophy , while admitting the one they have held onto may not be working. We should all be looking for answers. We all need to hear some “GOOD NEWS! It is time to realize the emperor is stark naked. Can you handle it?

Many will cringe, and run in fear upon being told; “YOU ARE GOD”. Religion has taught us that our Deity is far superior to us and to even utter the name we must

be in reverence. Surely proclaiming that we are IT would be blasphemous and arrogant, deserving of the vilest punishment.  Those that revere The Words of Jesus Christ may have overlooked or at least brushed aside: John 14:20 “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you”. Christians may also have discounted: Matt 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.

Both of these imperatives would surely have revealed:  Luke 17:23 The Kingdom of God is within you.

All the destruction, devastation, disease, calamity and suffering that humanity has seen, has been self-inflicted due to our ignorance of the true nature of “Reality”. Embracing the “REALIZATION OF ONENESS”, that All things are One Thing, and that is GOD, will open our hearts and minds, healing the virus of SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS, that has infected humanity from the dawn of time.

When we look inside, we see “with REALEYES” and the truth is revealed. Humanity was given the “keys to the kingdom” but failed to follow the instructions. We have spent generations seeking fulfillment from exterior conditions. Our erroneous pursuit has brought us to the brink of destruction. The time is now to toss asunder that which has not served. It is time to look within to discover our true nature.When we see through the Real Eyes of Divine Perspective, we will then come to know and understand what is true, and find our way home to peace.

All That Is, is an extension of “The Alpha & The Omega”. Nothing is separate or apart, therefore we are all a component of THAT ONE THING, WHICH IS–I AM!

The 1960’s saw an entire generation take a psychedelic journey toward enlightenment to uncover the truth of “WHO WE ARE”. The 80’s and 90’s then saw that crumble as the pursuit of material gratification overcame us. The new millennium has shown us the cost of ignoring the path we knew we must take.
We stand at the crossroad of our fate; to the left lies continued growth of the exterior world and certain self-destruction, to the right lies the path toward enlightenment.
We all have choice. Which will you choose?

In so much as all beings are individuated manifestations of One spiritual body, which we call “God”, the feeling that something is missing, and the need to fill that void is due to our belief that we are separate from everything we experience, and our refusal to believe we are ONE. The true path to fulfillment and ultimate spontaneous joy comes through the joining of all that we think to be separate. Love is realizing others are a part of you.

The time is now to create your bliss through the inward journey we have long been instructed to travel. Humanity has a choice to make, and that will be both individual, and collective. None of us alone can change the world, but each of us can change our piece of it. We are all pieces of the Divine Mosaic of GOD, added our unique contributions through our thoughts and beliefs. Shed the cloak of the old paradigm, and set humanity free to know ITSELF.


The Journey IS the Destination

Namaste` Know Thyself-

Conócete a ti mismo-

scire te-


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