That was THEN!

Give it up!

JRodgers 2009

There was a time not long ago, I gave up all control

ImageIt wasn’t want I wanted though, life just took it’s toll

I was young and knew it all, I had my bag of tricks


Booze  & drugs I had a ball, I lived  life for the kicks

But nothing seemed to go my way, I never got ahead

A different  problem everyday,  hated getting out of bed

Soon my mirrors were covered up, my name drew stares and sighs

The fool was what came from my cup,  Wouldn’t look folks in the eyes

Kept losing jobs  and girlfriends, no one returned my calls

Relationships I could not mend,  Imprisoned by my own walls

I’d hear the quiet laughter, it was circling all around

When I walked into the room, no one made a  single sound

Jack Daniels and his brother Bud, had control of my useless days

I  could not admit I lived in the mud,  I denied my wicked ways.

The indignity of self hate , was the tenant of my life

The end was near I couldn’t wait,  my own hand and a knife

Then all at once they pried my hand, from directing my darkened soul

They told me things would be so grand, if I gave up all  control

I stopped the fight & turned it over, their words were songs to me

They listened, talked , they ‘d watch & hover, as success was what I’d see

It’s been many years, and many tears, and I now have full control

There’s no more beers,  and no more jeers, I finally feel whole

I  give it up to keep it,  let go to hang on tight

Now life is full  I reap it, no longer do I fight.

I like what’s in the mirror now, No longer losing friends

One day at a time is really how, the party never ends.


About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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