CHANGE re-dux

We hear a lot about change these days. No wonder, the world we have created is surely not pleasant for many of us. We must change our Government structures, change our economic standards, change how we related to one another, and change our perspective on life. Or NOT!

Whether the world and humanity are in peril, or bliss is all about perspective. Choice, free will and perspective colors all experience. “FLOWER-WEED”; PERSPECTIVE! PRETTY- HOMELY: PERSPECTIVE! GOOD-BAD: PERSPECTIVE!

There are no absolutes. We all define our own experience according to our unique perspective. That being said; IS change necessary? ONLY IF WHAT OUR PERSPECTIVE TELLS US WE ARE EXPERIENCING DOES NOT BRING US JOY!

The Power & Source of “ALL THAT IS” has fashioned this synchronous dance of creation in such a manner that the ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE! Truth is, everything is always changing, and change is all that remains the same.

There is no need to do anything if you do not wish. Even if your experience and actions are creating pain, they are part of the process of growth and renewal. All we need to understand is that everything we experience we have summoned to our realty through our own focus. Any prevalent conditions that bring pain are also bringing lessons, opportunity, and insight. It is all part of the plan. Should your present moment encounters be less than joyful, then you may want to entertain change as a new endeavor. Caution however, we cannot change anything that is outside of our self, we can only change ourselves and how we experience what we encounter.

If Joy is not your state of mind, and Joy is what you seek:

Emerge from within the confines of your own mind and embrace your Divinity.  “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”~ Viktor Frankl –

We all dream of better days, long for a different life. The only thing preventing that is our refusal to act!
“Intent alone is but a noble daydream, application is the key”.
WITHOUT ACTION, Intention is a noble dream, unfulfilled. Thought- action-manifestation= the cycle of creation”~ JR~
“Go confidently In the direction of your Dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined!”

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

With every sunrise come an opportunity to create life anew. Do not live the life others would have you live, follow your bliss!

“Come to the edge”, he said. They said, “We are afraid”. “Come to the edge”, he said. They came.
He pushed them … and they flew. ~ Guillauame Apollinaire ~

The only thing that prevents us from flying, is our fear! When you look inside, you will find, there is nothing behind fear, it is an empty threat.

Matt 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Time to come out of the shell and “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE”

The Journey Is the Destination.

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