Squeezing Apples won’t get Orange Juice!!

Everyone seems to know that squeezing an apple will get you apple juice. For those of us that want orange juice, we must squeeze an orange. This sounds so simple. So is life.

“What you focus on expands”` Wayne Dyer~

As we navigate through life, dodging the challenges we perceive have been thrust upon us (although we attracted them with our focus) we tend to lament over that which we do not find desirable, as if looking at it will send it away. “Au contraire” The more we dwell on our obstacles, the longer they block our destiny.

The Law of Attraction, or Law of Life, or Law of Focus is such that our minds manipulate the unified field of matter and The Universe conspires to fashion into form that which we concentrate on. SO:

If I am poor and need money, the worst thing I can think about is NEEDING MONEY. The worst feeling I can entertain is one of lack. ” You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”~Albert Einstein~

The only true way to live our lives according to our desires is to focus upon only the desired outcome, not the catalyst for the desire:

Sick- focus, visualize, and feel wellness

Broke- Focus, visualize and feel abundance

Lonely- Focus. visualize, and feel LOVE

Overweight- Focus, visualize, and feel fitness.

Make these the points of focus and take action according to one that is living the result. DO IT NOW!

Planning for the future, reliving the past will keep the Present in Escrow!. NOW is when we live.

Life is created through us, not thrust upon us. Our thoughts, continued with conviction, create emotional ( e-motion= energy in motion) feelings. These feelings manipulate matter to create form and substance. ( The Universe conspires to create our desires) . This is the Genie in the bottle granting your every wish. The Only tangible canvass to paint the picture of our experiences on is NOW. Life is THE PRESENT MOMENT. In the realm of the Absolute ( Divine Awareness) Time does not exist. Time is only a construct of the limited ego mind, to have measurable points of focus with which to experience our creations.

“Now is the Present (gift) that we have been given to create our reality. Now is the Pre-sent Moment, with which we can present the fruit of our talents to Humanity. THERE IS ONLY NOW, ALL OTHER IS MERELY A CONCEPT, OR A THOUGHT. IT IS ALWAYS NOW!”

To live the lives we desire, we need to focus upon only our desired outcomes, in the present moment, and take actions accordingly. Then, and only then, will we experience our bliss!

The Journey IS the Destination.

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