“Abra Cadabra”

When we think of “Creation” we tend to think of the beginning of the world. The creation of ALL THAT IS, must have been a daunting undertaking. What we fail to consider, is that ALL WE ENCOUNTER, is , as we perceive it to be. Reality is subjective and varies from person to person based up perspective and perception. SO, if a thing is not static, and changes when perceived, it is safe to claim that the one experiencing the condition is also the CREATOR.
We create life moment by moment with each thought. What we are experiencing with our physical senses from the perception of form is the unfolding of our individual & collective thought interacting as belief.
We ARE CREATORS. WE WERE CREATED BY THE CREATOR, TO CREATE.  Thought becomes conviction, with takes form and becomes the catalyst for more though, and so on.
For those that are living amid conditions not of their liking, you CAN change them as you were the one that created them. Many of us will not be ready to admit that we created disease, tragedy, loss, scarcity, pain and myriad of undesirable conditions we find ourselves in. They came as a result of focus. It may have been a passing fear, followed by the feeling of dread and uncertainty, coupled with insecurity and worry, but it WAS a result of our own mind. NOTHING CAN BE REAL UNTIL WE GIVE IT AWARENESS.
The good news here is that as easily as we created our circumstance, we can alter it. Every second, every moment, with every breath is a new beginning. The key is to only give focus to conditions of desire, NOT to situations we wish to avoid, The seed of creation is thought, the fertilizer is focus and the delivery is conviction.
We must train our minds to refuse to entertain thoughts that are not nourishing to us. This is the most difficult discipline to master, but the only one necessary for complete success in every arena of life.


The Journey is the Destination.


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