Intention Intervention

Intention: An act of deliberate intending; purpose or meaning, action with design.

Intervention: An act of intervening; to interfere or come between; person against person to alter results.

          I have been reading  alot about Intention lately. I have seen God reffered to as “Pure  Intention”. At first that struck me as strange until I recalled  Deepak Chopra as having referred to Omnipotent Deity as pure “Potentiality”. Now in the setting of a religious body, referring to Our Creator in such terms may seem blasphemous, but these references hold more descriptive connotation than the name God. After all, God is only one of the many names used to refer to “The Creator of all that is”. For this writing, “Intention” seems to fit.

          There have been a myriad of places we have all read about “ living on purpose” or ”purpose driven lives”. I am sure that at one time or another we all have been faced with the challenge of whether we are authoring our own lives, or is life directing our actions. Well, I am going to get analogous for a bit; indulge me if you will.

          Let us look at the power of electricity. Electricity is a natural occurring force of nature. This force is filled with noting but intention. Its intention is to reveal itself and have an impact. WE cannot stop electricity from being. It is and it will be, in spite of our desire. Left without direction this force tends to be destructive, not by design, but the lack of design. Now, when the electric company harnesses this energy, and directs it toward us, the intention becomes that of service to humanity. We in turn, outfit our homes, and work or play places with outlets for noble intention; lights, music, tools, entertainment, life goodsaving medical equipment, heat, and even vibrating massaging recliner chairs. We take the pure intention of the raw power and add our intention, (based on our desires), and the result is a joyful experience. However, if the electricity comes to our homes, and we just have bare wires coming out of the walls, this noble intention imagesCABLGWQAwill wreak havoc on our homes and our lives. This is not the electricity fault, but or own.

          This is God! Pure Intent, expressing itself through us. We are the choice makers. We get to decide how to direct this ominous Power of Intention. Through our desire to be connected to our source and to be united with all that is, we are faced with choices regarding what tends to serve us, and what tends to restrict us. We are directing the flow of God Intention into the manifestation of our desires, as form, with every thought we have and every choice we make. But too many people allow the “what is” and what has always been”, and the nay-sayers, and skeptics to trick us into believing that life has to be hard, and misery is a learning experience, so we refrain from chasing our desires and settle for “ this is how it is”. That is like the wild electric cables flailing indiscriminately about the house. There is no doubt that there will be pain and suffering as a result of that type of choice.

          WE ALL NEED A GOOD OLD FASHION INTERVENTION! When a loved one is self destructive, friends and family often perform this act. They step in and show the destructive person the error of his ways, and advocate for change!

The time is now. Let us all start listening to the voice of “Divine Inspiration”, and use “Intention” with intention, as opposed to haphazardly allowing “ the powers that be” to create for us. God is Pure Intention, we are the leading edge of creation, directors of Intention, responsible for the final product. The life we see, we created. God only supplied the power, we are the actors, and the directors. POSITIVELY SPEAKING, an Intervention of INTENTION is just what the doctor ordered.


We can choose to Direct the power, or BE Directed by others that do!

The Journey IS the Destination.

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