Response- Able

potholes___When I am tooling down the scenic back roads on my Victory Kingpin, I tend to be distracted by the scenery and overall excitement of my endeavor. Should I approach a lump of road kill, or perhaps a chasm of a pothole, I quickly swerve to avoid it in spite of my focus being elsewhere. Likewise for errant traffic and or wandering wildlife that may be in my path. The point is, I am able to respond to obstacles and challenges that are presented to me. All capable individuals should be able to respond to every condition life presents. This is where the word RESPONSIBLE comes from. We all need to be responsible for our own lives as well as the conditions contain therein.

  The human mind is extremely resourceful. We adapt, conform, and evolve in relation to our environment and challenges. There are very creative critters out there too, but none as cunning as MAN. We have invented light to see after the sun has gone down, fire to cook with, and tools to fashion dwellings from raw material. As time moved forward we have gotten to where we have remote controlsWelfare-Cat-300x258 to operate even the easiest of gadgets, and a myriad of equipment to increase our comfort, while decreasing our labor on every front of human activity. This is a good thing. We are driven to use our minds to alleviate our burdensome labors. The problem we face today, (as with anything) is that too much of a good thing can become self-defeating! There is a VERY large percentage of our society has come to expect that all burdens be eliminated without any participation on their part. We are experiencing THE DEATH OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

We have all heard the line about giving a man a fish, is feeding him for a day, while teaching him to fish will feed him for his lifetime. It seems we keep giving fish and giving fish, to the point that everyone believes that just by virtue of being alive; there should be fish on the table. The past 50 years here in the good ole’ US of A has seen many peaks and valleys with respect to our economy and employment status. There has been many programs along the way where the population that has navigated their way through these valleys, have given assistance to those that had more serious challenges. We have also gotten politically correct and all inclusive as we endeavor to avoid hurting feelings that even grade school sports teams accept everyone without try outs. We have gone too far. All of these attempts to lessen burdens, and build egos has disempowered this country. Once an individual falls into the trap of entitlement, the never re-emerge as responsible. Another danger of the entitlement mentality is the lack of self esteem that dependency creates, translates into a resentment for those that are self-sufficient. This has divided us as a nation and is growing exponentially with every passing day.

One hundred and one million people receive government assistance, while 97 million Americans are gainfully employed at full time occupations. The few are now supporting the many. We need to turn this around before there is no longer anyone taking responsibility.

images2This generation is already overwhelmed by this syndrome. We can only hope to affect the next. It is time to teach our children that you do not make the soccer team unless you are good, and work hard. You WILL FAIL and be held back in school if you do not study. Your room will grow mold until YOU clean it. No one is going to feed and house you when you are an adult unless you use your skills to take care of yourself. Like all the creatures of the wild, we were given skills to use for the purpose of creating our lives. If we refuse to use them we will lose them. Humanity will vanish. WE HAVE TO START

The Journey Is the Destination.


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