Personal Responsibilty

imagesCAVNPMHBMadness, or Peace,,It is a choice!
At first glance it would appear that our world is in s stateof chaos. That is probably because IT IS! Thousands of years ago, a primitivecreature roamed the country side foraging and hunting for food,constructing primitive structures for shelter from the elements, andlooking after its young. Were they happy? Dunno! Did they live in fear? Dunno!Were they self-sufficient? DEFINITELY! There was no other way to be.No creature on this planet ever relied upon another for its survival, save thevery young! There was order, sense, accountability. It was simple; Sit aroundsmelling roses, and gazing at clouds,(there was no internet, PlayStation,football to watch, or NASCAR back then) and you will either starve,get eaten by a creature, or succumb to exposure. The rules were simple andeveryone was aware of them. No one ever said, “I didn’t know, no one told me,do over, give me another chance”.
Fast forward a few millenniums and we have madestrident advances in technology, intelligence, achievement, understanding, andhuman potential. Mankind has evolved to place of paramount importance on thisplanet. We dominate the arena of life on earth. Are we happy? Dunno! Do we livein fear? Dunno! Are we self-sufficient? NOT SO MUCH!!! Therein lays the problemof humanity! The lack of personal responsibility! This will bethe Achilles Heel of Humanity.
“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility forit. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim”~RichardBach~

Everybody thinks somebody will do it, so nobody does!
Second, problem is the ILLUSION OF ENTITLEMENT!
If I don’t do it, they will do it for me!

Where in the evolutionary process did these components come in? This is not progress, it is regress!
I understand the need for Charities, Social programs, Gov’tassistance for those rare cases of people, and communities that have fallenvictim to circumstance. We are too compassionate of a species to stand by andwitness suffering. However, for the efforts of THE FEW, to have to SUSTAINMULTITUDES, is a gross abuse of human compassion.

I would not be so primitive minded to expect werevert back to “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”, but we need to at least expectpersonal responsibility. It is noble for agencies to solicitsupport for entire villages in 3rd world countries, where resources arescarce. It is admirable to lend a hand to those whosephysical abilities are not equal to the masses. And it is certainlyBenevolent of society to all pitch in and take care of those that have suffereddisasters of nature. But any responsible species would draw a line “SOMEWHERE”!
More and more members of our society are stepping forwardedDEMANDING that they are cared for, nurtured, and supported by those that havetaken care of themselves. When People find lifeimagesCAV1EECN challenging, they hire a lawyerand battle the courts to get someone else to take care of their needs. Thenthey protest and complain and ban together until their numbers are staggering.Then the Government needs to acquiesce to their demand for the VOTES!

Until the majority of those that ARE DEMANDING THEIRENTITLEMENT, come to the realization that the effort they

put into screamingfor assistance would yield a better result being direct toward meeting theirown needs, we will be in a downward spiral as a species. Government assistance,social programs, charitable organizations, bleeding hearts, and compassionatepeople, may all mean well, but have been greatly taken advantage of.
With technology what it is; if corporations did not rapecommunities, indigent areas of the world could utilize technology to beself-sustaining. Physically challenged individual could offer their talents tothe common good in ways that do not require the ability they lack. We can allsurvive if we accept that survival is not a right, but the by-product of usrising to our particular challenge.
NECESSITY BEING THE MOTHER OF INVENTION, tells us; Wherethere is a will, there is a way! Everyone must determine their personalwill, and be responsible for finding their way. Not until that day, willHumanity be moving forward again.
“The happiest people in the world are those who feelabsolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth ofaccepting total responsibility for every part of their life”~Brian Tracy~
“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it isexpressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately ourresponsibility”~Eleanor Roosevelt~
The Journey IS the Destination!

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2 Responses to Personal Responsibilty

  1. Great post!

    I believe that the world and everything in it just “is…”

    But what we choose to focus on and give an actual meaning to becomes our reality.


  2. positivelyjohn says:

    I agree. It is all a part of the canvass with which we paint our individual masterpieces.
    Thanks for the read, and the comment.


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