Your Piece= Your Peace

So often, we discount time. We are all looking for something, chasing a dream, or searching for the “Magic Bullet” that will stream Happiness and Joy throughout our experience. We plan, we watch, we wait for the right time. Sometimes we compare, and judge others, all in our pursuit. This ends up being wasted time, blank canvass, an ebb in the tide of JOY.
There is no such “TANGIBLE THING” as time. We can’t see it, feel it, or hold it. Time is not a Spiritual Truth, but a construct of our FINITE physical minds.
In the Absolute, there is ONLY NOW!
“The present moment of NOW is our PRESENT from ALL THAT IS, with which we will present, the creations we have formed with our gifts and talents. NOW is when we create, use it wisely!”box
Before, and after are only thoughts. Thoughts can only occur,,,,NOW! It is always NOW! Each moment is a piece of canvass for us to paint our reality upon. Do not chase a dream, of search for Happiness. Remember what Glenda showed Dorothy,,,,”You had it all along” We fail to see the forest through the trees. Happiness and Joy is wrapped up in “THE PRESENT” Open it,,,,use it! ENJOY Life!

A far as making use of THE PRESENT,,, we must use “OUR GIFT”. In 1st Corinthians 12, we are taught all about ONE BODY-MANY PARTS——-and SPIRITUAL GIFTS!
We each have something unique and special. That thing that you love and would do, or participate in even if you didn’t get paid for it. That activity that you can’t do without feeling good about yourself. That is the Gift you were given by GOD, to use to “RE-GIFT” to the COMMON GOOD. Life is like a puzzle and each of us is a different part. If we hold back our piece, the puzzle of life will not be complete. EVERYONE will suffer.
To Thine Own Self Be True! Do not compromise your integrity. Do not be what others want you to be. Do not be a doormat, or a people pleaser. Follow your Bliss. We need what you have to be complete. The mosaic of life is exponentially more beautiful when all parts are genuine,,,,NO AFTERMARKET PARTS ALLOWED!
“God has given us Gifts (talents, abilities, and creative desires) as our tool to return a gift to Humanity, we are all parts of the Puzzle of Life, each with a unique piece to add. Be true to yourself! We need your authenticity!”
imagesWhen we add our piece to the puzzle of life, everyday every NOW is a beautiful beginning. Meet the sunrise with enthusiasm. GIVE IT YOUR GENUINE BEST and the world will grow in LOVE!

The Journey IS the Destination,


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