The only way to fly!

I have written many pieces related to the unending thirst we humans have for “more”.As an advocate of going after your dreams, I fully believe that our desire is the seed of life. The unquenchable thirst for “more” is what drives the expansion of The Universe, and is by Divine Design, our destiny.

As I have relentlessly stated, all human desire is born from fear, and rooted in the erroneous belief in separation. We continue to seek the fulfillment of desire as the panacea for our illusory sense of self. Recently I have been focused upon chasing our bliss with careful consideration to avoid compromising the Present Moment, and remaining independent of outcome. These assertions are all integral to the message of aspiring to Realize Oneness.

As Spiritual beings having a temporary, localized, pit-stop in form and substance, we are actually attempting to connect to Source. Every desire is an illusory expectation that the realization of such will offer fulfillment. We quickly find that , (not much different than eating Chinese food) our repast did not satisfy as anticipated. Thus our quest resumes.images

While this erroneous quest to fulfill desire is like chasing our own tail, it is paramount to the survival of the physical species and the unfolding of God In Form. This is the projection of Divine In-Formation. The original and most beautiful form of communication.

The only issue derived from chasing our illusion is that we never really grow from it. In the Christian Bible, Jesus made a host of proclamations explaining 
the meaning of physical life and what to expect as well as how to proceed. Many of us fail to pay any heed to when we were told ” Seek Ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you”

This being said, the quickest path to Joy and Grace is to chase the understanding of our relationship to our Higher Self. The acquisition of material, financial, and images (1)emotional satisfaction does little to sustain real peace and joy, and may even be the catalyst for frustration and pain, regardless of level of achievement.

I tell you this:

By loosening our investment in the world of form and substance, and allowing images (2)ourselves to participate as THE OBSERVER WE ARE, we experience less stress and turmoil in our lives.

The discovery of our TRUE IDENTITY as ONE SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, the story of life unfolds with much more ease and GRACE.

By denying our infinite reality, and being strongly rooted in the illusion of separation, we become dependent upon the dram from our encounters and give our emotions control of our destiny. Thus the ride of fear and pain begins.

The most proven way to reach our “real” selves is through silence. When we block out all the man -made rhetoric and distraction, and focus on the core of our being, we have the opportunity to transcend the bondage of our own creation and embrace the freedom and expanse of the “Oneness of Being”.

The Realization of ONENESS is the “ah ha” moment when we discover we are NOT our bodies, mind, or accomplishments, but THE ONE who is using this body/mind.

Infinite existence beyond form is where we all are the same.

The belief that we will find joy by filling our lives with “things, power, status, sex, self importance, and indulgence” is the root cause to all the ills of this world. Joy cannot be found, only realized!

Searching for Happiness causes grief, realizing happiness eliminates it
Get out of your own way and allow Divinity to flow through you.

images (3)


I Am!


The Journey IS the Destination.


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