NEW year, new world!



            I love to ride my motorcycle. When I am riding I feel freedom and potential more than any other time.  I find the most inspiration while on the road. That is why I love to write this article. Much of the philosophy of “open road freedom” applies to daily life. Most “regular folk” ( those that do not ride, or drive hot rods) never realize the connection between blissful living and the road.  That is why I am here; TO SHOW YA’ALL!

Riding is contemplative and cathartic while also invigorating and exiting. You get the best of both worlds. On one hand, I can zone out into a Zen-like state, but on the other, I need to be keenly aware of EVERYTHING!.Somehow, that is possible on my bike.

While riding has all these beneficial components, the dangers, challenges, pitfalls and drawbacks are exponentially more prevalent than anywhere else. I regularly encounter; potholes, objects, stopped traffic, people that don’t see me, construction, puddles, sharp turns, dirt and sand, wet leaves, road-killImage and a host of other issues that could ruin my day, damage my bike, or take my life. These are not good things. I never ride without encountering at least a few. Yet; the minute I navigate through them, I put them out of my mind. They are gone as quickly as they came. The ride goes on, life is good!

Today is January 4th 2014. We are at the beginning of a new year. As POSITIVE as my attitude usually is (being the Positively Speaking author and all) I must admit, 2013 was ripe with challenges. From the Federal Government, to local and state government, news media, celebrity melt-downs, declining economy and new health care regulations with their commensurate costs, all the way to local groups, bike clubs, churches and even my family, there has been countless situations that are not aligned with what I believe to be my highest good. For most, the dividing line between 2013, and 2014 will mean little when it comes to these conditions. All of the negative possibilities I just listed will ruminate in the mind of the masses and grow to epic proportions. Most will allow the challenges they have navigated through to remain with them, destroying each and every minute of every day in 2014. I would equate that to safely swerving around a dead raccoon, then going back and doing it again, and again. No one that rides would ever do that! Be like a biker and let it go.

Every day is a chance to start over. We have the choice where to put our focus. That which we concentrate on is what will control us. If we CHOOSE, to experience the same obstacles again and again, we will have the same pain repeat itself. Everyone should apply the law of the road to everyday circumstance. That Law is: WHEN YOU PASS IT, IT’S GONE!  Enjoy the ride. I say, let’s all close the door on 2013, look ahead at the open road and make the best of it. It’s 2014, A NEW DAY, A NEW YEAR, A NEW START. POSITIVELY SPEAKING; TAKE THE EXIT FROM 2013 AND DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT.

Journy IS

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