Empty Barrels,,,,,,

Life is most certainly filled with “up’s & downs”, peaks and valley’s. good days, and,,,not so good days! This is to be expected. When one had made a commitment though, you would think those fluctuations would be minimal.


As a young person, raised in a Christian environment, there was always an emphasis on ‘THE DEVIL” when one strayed from the path of righteousness, or was even tempted to, it was THE DEVIL pulling at them.devil

As I grew up and evolved, my philosophies changed and matures and my perspective became more focused. I became aware that we each control the state of our mind. That is not to say our thoughts are not influenced by forces outside of us, because the definitely are. Even though we have absolute control where to focus our mind, and in many cases draw unto ourselves the conditions that resonate with most acutely, the topics and perspectives we  have to choose from come from our exposure to external stimuli.

These days; with the advent of micro-electronics and the introduction of digital communications, we are bombarded with  an amount of external stimuli in one day that would have taken entire lifetimes in generations past. Unfortunately, the majority of what comes at us is not nurturing, be destructive.

I encourage everyone to make use of the broad array of information at their disposal, but it has been said, with great knowledge, comes great responsibility. If we allow those that try the hardest, shout the loudest and spend the most at getting their messages to us, we will compromise out integrity and fall victim to the lure of the ignorant.


Technology is fantastic, information is knowledge, and communication is unifying. However, we must be ever vigilant to closely discern the messages we read and be disciplined enough to bypass that which does not serve out highest good. We all still have choice.

“As a man thinks, so shall he be”. “THEY”  ( The Devil) are trying to pull us in with this tool of higher achievement. On the individual can control what is allowed to influence him or her.

We are each accountable for our thoughts and actions. Every thought leads to action, which in turn adds to the mosaic of life. In order to only contribute life affirming creations, we must control what we are exposed to.

The empty barrel makes the most noise. Focus on small quiet voices. Take control of your mind.Empty barrell

The Journey IS the Destination.

Positively Speaking- JR.

About positivelyjohn

Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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