Try Again

When I began “blogging” a few years back, it was a cathartic release of my cranial overload, coupled with the satiation of my desire to “make a difference”. I knew I would never establish a following of any note without investing $$, but I wrote anyway. Somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind, there was a glimmer of hope that my words may periodically fall upon eyes that need to read them.  After all, my purpose is to make a positive contribution to the well being of humanity. This, I believe if the point of life. We are all collaborating to co-create a collective experience based upon our individual perspectives and observations.  THE HUMAN MOSAIC. A DIVERSITY SOUP.images

It could be construed as hubris and/or self-righteousness  and conceit to think ones own perspective is THE perspective that will afford the most direct path to peaceful co-existence, but: if one is to offer perspective as a healing balm,  there must be a modicum of confidence in the efficacy of the position.

In an attempt to avoid adding fuel to the fiery pit of human interaction, I try to validate my philosophical offers with the following filters:

  • Will the accepting of my position cause harm?
  • Does what I have to say cause division among humanity?
  • IS there any religious or spiritual doctrines that directly refute what I offer as false?
  • Will it cost $$ for anyone to adopt the philosophy I put forth?
  • Are the perspectives I discuss only applicable to certain segments of society?

I only discuss theory that would be answered by the above 5 questions with a resounding NO!

  • Do the majority of the worlds religions say the same thing only with certian restrictions or twists?
  • Do the majority of “self-help, and personal development” programs say the same thing with only a mild variation?
  • Will the following of this advice offer personal, spiritual and inspirational improvement?
  • Can anyone do these things?
  • IS what I am discussing congruent with BOTH science ( physics) and religion?
  • Do I firmly believe what I am saying?

My second fail safe test is that all my material must answer these 6 questions with a resounding “YES”!

With all this in mind, I view what I am exposed to in the media and observe from mankind at large with relative disbelief? You see, I am no genius Guru, learned theologian,  physicist, or philosopher so what makes me think I know what the vast majority doesn’t? Again, I defer to my fail safe questions.

Being relatively tuned in to current events, a student of human nature and a malignant narcissist hell bent on saving the world, I have to admit I do not understand! I do not understand how so many, ( both rich &poor, educated and not) have life so wrong, and hold so strongly to what they believe. HOW ON EARTH CAN ANY HONEST INDIVIDUAL CONTINUE TO BEAT THE DRUM OF PRACTICES THAT WILL DIVIDE HUMANITY! It boggles my mind!

I realize there are conservatives and liberals, religious and atheist, rich & poor, and many, many races, creeds and ethnicities; but geeze, CAN’T WE TRY TO GET ALONG!

This past year has seen more division of Humanity than any other year in my memory, and I’m 56. The radical Muslim groups known as: ISIS, BOKO HARAM, AL QAEDA, and THE TALIBAN, committing atrocities in the name of GOD,  and the more recent rash of violent anti-police riots, violence, murders, looting, havoc  and urban disruptions all serve no POSITIVE end.  To add insult to absurdity, the American leadership is siding with all these disruptive elements.

To be open minded, and advocate for diversity, I agree that anyone has a right to their religious beliefs, and should be left alone to worship what ever dogma they choose! BUT THE RADICAL JIHADISTS ARE COMMITTING GENOCIDE, AND ATTEMPTING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. These actions will only be met with equal force and violence. NOBODY WINS!

Empty barrellLikewise, I do not advocate The Police Killing people for relatively benign crimes like selling cigarettes, or stealing cigars. However, THE MEDIA AND LEADERSHIP IS PAINTING THESE KILLINGS AS RACIALLY MOTIVATED EXECUTIONS SOLEY THE FAULT OF THE POLICE!

  • The victims were committing crimes at the time of these encounters.
  • The victims resisted police
  • The police would have done the same thing regardless of the race of the perpetrator
  • More Whites were killed by police in the last year than blacks
  • Police cannot knowing allow a suspected criminal to walk away because they are resisting; what if they go and commit another crime?
  • Looting, committing violence, burning businesses, will not change any of this, but validate to the world that the targets of such behavior are in fact ANTI-SOCIAL.

So here I sit, at my keyboard, wanting to write inspirational words that will heal; WILL ANYONE HEAR ME? WILL ANYONE CARE? THOSE THAT DO PROBABLY FALL UNDER THE “PREACHING TO THE CHOIR” HEADING.

For 2015, I will “TRY AGAIN”  to offer a healing balm, a cathartic word, and an uplifting message to any that come across my words. I will sow these seeds upon rocky soils with faith and hope that perhaps 1 will take root.

To be clear:

  • I AM A STAUNCH ADVOCATE OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY- ( WE SOW WHAT WE REAP), and as such, excessive assistance dis empowers individuals,  groups, and entire socioeconomic demographics. We all need a purpose, and must contribute to our own survival.
  • I AM A STAUNCH ADVOCATE OF : AS A MAN THINKS, SO SHALL HE BE”, Our thoughts , mindset, and perspective on life will determine the quality of our experience.
  • I AM A STAUNCH ADVOCATE OF LIVING IN “THE NOW” The past & future exists only as thought. All that is tangible is the present moment, ( that is why it is “THE PRESENT”, AS IN GIFT). Any one, thing, or situation can be reborn in the moment and start brand new! ( old acquaintances are forgotten, never borough to mind).
  • I AM A STAUNCH ADVOCATE OF THE PHILOSOPHY THAT ALL THINGS ARE 1 THING. All that we know to be real is connected at the level of Spirit as well as the level of MATTER.




The Journey IS the Destination!

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