Our lives are not created by the circumstances we confront, or the conditions we face, but by the decisions we make relative to our exposure to the world around we encounter. In essence, we control our outcomes with our point of focus and strongest belief. When we choose to believe what see ( that which has been created by others) as our own reality, so it becomes.
When we decide to focus only upon that which we desire to manifest, so too shall it be.
When we awaken to each new sunrise, we have the opportunity to create a brand new world. The choice is ours,’ the life is ours, the responsibility is ours.

SunriseEven though we believe our intents are always to create the conditions of our dreams, we unconsciously fall victim to the exposure of illusion. We see that which others have created out of frustration & fear, and unknowingly mistake it for our reality. The key to avoiding this trap and being tangled in the web of mediocrity or worse, finding ourselves trapped in the pit of despair and agony; is to view that which we are exposed to to as no more than a movie, or TV show.

The external world of form is simply fodder for entertainment and creative property. By experiencing the pain of these illusions, they should be the catalyst for our resolve to remain focused only on our bliss.

Remember,life is all About choice! We choose where will will keep our minds fixed, and that concentration becomes our point of attraction and draws unto us like conditions. THE KEY TO THE MANIFESTATION OF YOUR DEEPEST INTENTION IS TO LIVE FROM WITHIN, PAYING LITTLE ATTENTION AND OFFERING NO CREDENCE TO WHAT IS EXTERNAL


The Journey IS the Destination


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