( FELLOW) Ships that pass in the night.


Humanity is not comprised of billions of people, but may parts of a greater WHOLE

Just as a family pulls together for the betterment of each, thereby improving the familial bond, and a team works as one for the victories of the whole, as well as a company of employees all contribute to the success of the host, whereby all parts derive benefit from their contribution.

Such is the makeup of life.

The reflection of Divinity in Form is not a fragmented mosaiccollection of individuals, but a glistening mosaic of joy and love. The diverse nature of the contrasting hues brings flavor and mystery, while each component complements the other, elevating the grandeur of Its being. With darkness setting stage for magnificent sunrises, and violent stormy nights allowing for the appreciation of crisp clear skies, so too do the maladies of man usher in the joy of victory and the gratitude of redemption.

No condition exists that has not been sanctified by Our God. The good, the bad, the ugly and magnificently breathtaking, share one common seed. DIVINE ONENESS

With the understanding that ALL THINGS ARE ONE THING, sharing eternity in a perpetual state of change, we must accept that every encounter leaves with it an indestructible mark that forever changes us by virtue of the even the slightest contact.

Many say we are the product of our choices, truer words have not been spoken, yet the greater truth is that who we are has been created by the pieces we take from one another. Every contact leaves a mark, for better or worse.

The very point of life is the creation of joy through the expansion of the universe, UniVerse being the single song of Love.

We exist solely to expand the physical presence of God which is Love. Our individual, and collective mission is to use our authentic self, with all of it’s glory to contribute to the Divine Reflection of “WHAT IS”

There of those of us that struggle to discover the gifts we have to offer, and others that effortlessly, and altruistically submit offerings at the alter of forgiveness with nary a second thought. Mistake not though, there are those who live to shine the light of of truth that others may see themselves through the viscous haze of uncertainty

These are the prophets and ushers of discovery of whom without, many would sail aimlessly across the turbulent sea of indifference, never tasting the nectar of true Unity.

The authentic self, that place wherein we each reside with the other, could remain shrouded by the self imposed veil of ignorance, lest the way- showers nudge us toward the revelation of truth.

The true master of the way, is drawn by the contrast to illuminate the higher self by being the impetus for the removal of the cloak of denial.

As a wandering soul void of such purpose, I knew there was an obstruction hindering my growth and preventing me from seeing myself clearly in the reflecting pool of men.

Gordon Rankin plucked me from obscurity and wiped away the fog upon the mirror of my soul that I could find the genuine spirit that resided within. While our paths crossed only briefly in the larger scope of life, the mark that was left by that encounter will be the first part of me to enter the room, and the most poignant memory all those lives that I endeavor to touch will have of me. Most will never know his name, or what part he played in my Divine Comedy, but his touch, his contribution to the canvass of my world, will be prevalent non the less.

We are here to Glorify God through the contributions we make to humanity and reap the joy of our own existence by way of these undertakings.

They say give it away to keep it, love to be loved, care to be cared for and live selflessly to gain everything. This understanding was in me. There was a pile of dirt on top that Gordon saw to it I removed.Removing Fence Posts 1 LaRomana, Silver Lake, our own parish house and the very pulpit where he himself laid his own offerings, became the showers of grace that washed away my inequity til I found myself.

Never underestimate the impact we each have on one another. Do not fail to entertain strangers as you will be residing with Angels

Where Are All The Angels?    angelsLook around. Gordon sees them. They are the in the very faces of those we minister to everyday. By minister, I mean serve, love, share with, encounter and yes, even those we ignore.

As journey men we sail the sea of life. As we pass one another in the night, we need stop, ever so briefly, but stop. shipsSee God in the faces of the ships that pass, leave your mark, change the world.

Gordon did. I will forever be grateful for his contribution to my enlightenment. Know that all to whom I bring joy will also be indebted to him.

Gordon your legacy of selfless service lives on in me as well as all I encounter.

Good luck, Godspeed, and thank you.

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