Just as these stalwart structures have been directing travelers that they may navigate the obstacles hidden in the night, so too do your emotions guide the direction of your life.
We all have desires, dreams, goals and intentions; a veritable picture of the life we would like to experience.
We also take actions, make plans, purchases, decisions etc! There is a inner knowing of the synchronicity between where we are, what we are doing, and our intention. When we stray from the path in the darkness of our confusion, we begin to feel uneasy, confused, uncertain and tentative, this emotional illumination is the Lighthouse of our soul alerting us of the deviation from our intended path.
Sadness, worry, disappointment, anger, impatience and the like are all messages that a course correction is needed. Heed those messages and “Heave to” lest ye run aground matey!

LighthouseIn the same manner that physical pain will cause us to investigate our health, thus avoiding major issues down the line, as well as fear keeping us from hanging out of the window of a moving airplane, our emotions are the most intricate of all the human systems. Our feelings are the GPS of the Spirit. When the components of our physical reality unfolding from with, are not aligned with the conditions that bring us joy, the GPS kicks in ad shouts: “recalculating”. When we ignore the banter coming at us from the GPS, we end up further and further from our intended destination. The same is true with our emotional health. If we continue acting in the same manner, in spite of the negative feelings, the gap between where we will find our bliss, and where we are growth from the size of a pond to the enormity of the ocean.1 Listen to that small voice inside and keep your sails set in the direction of JOY!

The Journey IS the DESTINATION

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