downloadTime is the great equalizer. Often it is the least used resource we have. It may sound surreal or abstract, but time is only a construct of our minds; a perspective with which to gauge, and catalog experience in linear progression.

The only reality is the present moment. The past can only be experienced as thought, and so to the future only imagined. ALL EXPERIENCE IS ONLY TANGIBLE NOW.

I am willing to bet that the vast majority of us have improved our lives over the evolution of our presence in this form, yet we allow what has past, to determine what we create, project, attract, and present today?

All of the greatest creators in history had thousands of failures before they became famous for some huge humanitarian contribution.  They understood that time existed to erase failures and allow for change and progress. ancientThe dinosaurs of the days gone by no longer walk the earth, so there is no need to fear them, or hide from them.


Likewise, millions of us are petrified about taking chances due to the fear that our sins of the past will taint our credibility in the present. This erroneous thinking has held back way too many creative minds. We hold the key to the closet  and can choose to keep it closed; or at least no feed into the stories that the bones sticking out will tell.

closetThe concept of time exists on our awareness to allow for the continues evolution of the SOUL and improved results from our efforts. Trial and error is just that, TRIAL & ERROR. We must keep plugging away until we can feel the joy of where we are. After all JOY is the point of all of this isn’t it?


What if the butterfly refused to attempt flight because of it’s past history????

The Journey IS the Destination!

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Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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