Get Real!

Humanity being connected at the spiritual level,living amid the illusion of separation the ego-physical awareness creates, has an immutable drive toward assimilation or connectivity, as the uniting force of the Universe. We commonly refer to this invisible power as LOVE. The unmistakable truth is that it is the catalyst for all human activity, endeavor , and yes, even calamity and atrocity.

Once we understand that all of everything and beyond is actually ONE THING in motion, recreating ITSELF and expanding for the pure joy of experience, the picture I will paint here will become easier to digest.

At every turn in life we see how unity consciousness portrays the most positive aspects of existence.  Teams pull together for the benefit of the whole, ignoring the glory of the individual, ant colonies and bee hives, Human families, and corporate structures, all espouse UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. This is because  ALL THINGS being ONE THING, functions flawlessly when actions are created toward the benefit of the WHOLE.

Toward that end, Divinity has set in motion the unifying song (UNI-VERSE), that when played in harmony, creates pure JOY. Each and every individuate component of this “ONE THING” is like an intricate puzzle piece.images (1) The action of life is to discover how the piece fits, which is THE AUTHENTIC SELF. Just as finger prints, irises, DNA,teeth etc, are all different, so too is our ability to contribute the the puzzle of divine “ISNESS”. The creative drive that advances our days be it destructive, or productive, is nothing more than our attempt to fit into our perfect spot to create that joy.

A huge blockage to the discernment of individual purpose occurs when the ego tells us to move in the direction that we see around us, as opposed to moving according to our spiritual drive. When we pander to the masses, and conform to societal pressures, we compromise our authenticity and limit our creative efficacy. An example would be that we could drive a nail into wood with a heavy wrench, or a shovel, but it would be easier, quicker and cleaner to do it with a hammer.hammer-nail

Humanity has too many monkey wrenches already. Discover the exact shape of your puzzle piece, seek the spot that it fits securely and make your move.

Authenticity s the only path to joy! Real


Emerge from your  shell as your TRUE SELF!386439_209228169159149_121637217918245_456969_1023216013_n

The Journey IS the DESTINATION!

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