Look Ahead

header 6As we travel the road of life, there will be many distractions. We always have the choice to keep our eyes trained on our direction, or allow the distractions to alter our experience. This is a matter of choice, not something that is beyond our control.

We all have goals, desires, needs, plans or at least an understanding of what we would like our lives to be like. No one ever consciously choses financial hardship, sickness, discord, and calamity, but it seems those conditions find most of us.  We live amid a reality that has been created through a collective collaboration of belief. All that exists is what we  allow to occupy our minds. What we witness along the side of the road, is the creations others have placed there. As we are all aware, if we drive down the street, looking from side to side, we end up in a ditch. However, if we keep our eyes fixed upon OUR PATH, we tend to travel along safely. Such is true in life.

Keep your eyes trained on the path of your own choosing, ignore the detours that will divert you, and your journey will be one of your own design.

There are no victims: We all have choice.

The Journey I the Destination.

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Philosopher/Poet/Writer/Author Seeker of truth & Meaning
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