What do YOU SEE?


Ni Mar A Shiltcar Bhitear, is Gaelic for “Things are not as they appear”. I have that phrase tattooed on my right forearm.  I believe fully that everything, ( EVERY-THING) we know, or lusionbelieve we know to be true, is only true to US as we are the ones believing it. Two people can view the same scene, ride the road, be exposed to the same situation or condition, and come away with varying ideas of what they encountered.  Perspective is the operative word. We all have it. Call it opinion, attitude, point of view or slant, but there are as many interpretations of EVERYTHING as there are people. These perspectives are both a blessing & a curse ( according to who you are speaking too!)

I am partial to 60’s & 70’s muscle cars, Chevy preferably, but a hot Mopar can get me exited too. A car show with lots of them, big blowers, loud pipes, burnouts, and exotic paint will have me claiming “Great Show”. While others, selectively more traditional, may be turned of by the noise, and modifications preferring the more classic, restored stock models from the 30’s and 40’s.

I ride a bagger now, bluebut prefer cruisers. For shows; customs of all red1kinds get my adrenaline flowing. Many of my friends prefer to see vintage only, (they bore me to tears).

The point is we all believe differently, and we see, (and judge what we see) to that which matches our belief.

I am a strong advocate for diversity. The more variety, the broader the spectrum of colors, the greater opportunity there will be for beauty. The downside is; when a large group needs to come together and coalesce around an ideal to have a consensus, this diversity, these perspectives, create animosity, anger and even vitriolic rectitude of cataclysmic proportions. ” What the heck is he talkin’ bout’ you might say”?, Yes, the 2016 race for leader of the free world.

There is no way I am going to espouse my personal opinions, but suffice it to say I have many, all I will say today is that whether Liberal Democrat, Conservative Republican. or Loony Tune;  way, way too many people are looking at what is being presented and reacting according to preconceived notions without stopping to get the facts, and weigh the evidence. I’m 57, ( 58 in a few weeks) and have never seen a political race that highlighted everything BUT the issues, and is weighed in, scrutinized, and highlighted by everyone EXCEPT THOSE WHO KNOW.

There are protests being perpetrated  by paid protesters and college age people that can’t tell you why they are angry. There are insiders, outsiders, career politicians, business people,Socialist, Conservatives, Republicans & Democrats that do not represent the ideals they are running under. The media is directing the narrative and the voters heads are spinning. What are we going to do? It seems no matter the outcome, it will not be in the best interest of the collective population. Perspective has run amuck, and we are losing reason & logic.

As I have written a myriad of times, it is imperative that we never compromise our true self to run with the pack, or be accepted by a group. The only thing that will save this republic is for all of us to look within to that small voice that we hear when everything else is silent, and be true to that.  How do YOU wish to live? What do YOU think is right? Once you can reconcile that: listen to what they say, filter out the BULL S–T and look for the words that resonate with your true self. Counsel those youngsters you know to do the same. Then, and only then, we can all pick a side and passionately support it. Fighting for, or against something we know nothing about because the group we run with has conditioned us to see  darkness when the light shines, will be the downfall of us all.

We used to fear “Big Brother”, but now, that boogie man has planted erroneous perspective in the minds of the uninformed, and is stealing our authenticity without us even realizing it. They see what they have been told to see, and have no true perspective of their own,lus

The truth is inside YOU! Look for it, listen for it, “Go For It!

The Journey IS the Destination.

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