Individually, and collectively: WE ONLY GET WHAT WE WANT, (OR ALLOW).

WE ALLOWThe divisiveness, separation and vitriolic animosity between (what we are portending to perceive as) political ideologies has devolved to it’s lowest point since the revolutionary and civil wars here in the grand ole US of A.
We are all standing at our windows looking out at the mayhem in horror with claims of “Them, they, etc. Of course is it not us, I or me, no never!

The spiritual truth of existence is that: If I am experiencing it; I created it!
We each may not have actually gone around stirring the pot, and been the catalyst for the violence and hatred, but we certainly did nothing to mitigate it.
How many times did we each plan to show positive influences and held back. That is tantamount to self betrayal. When we betray our own sense of integrity, we stand in expectation of repercussion. The climate in the American streets today is the Law of Attraction diligently serving up the fruits of our expectations.

” Evil will prevail when good men do nothing”~ Edmund Burke
” Evil Triumphs when good men do nothing” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Way too many of us have recognized for many years now that the rising ire of the lowest among us, ignorant, easily influenced and  self deceived “do gooders” that have digested the fallacious message of governmental mommy hood, would ban together in an attempt to undermine personal responsibility and fight for the right to be led and controlled.
The violence we see today is that manifestation of our self betrayal. We cannot refuse to act upon our insights and expect them to remain. Our refusal to listen to the voice that warned us, was 1 betrayal too far!images (1)

Be an example of what you believe. Let your light shine.

Action is necessary for creation. Those that have been comfortable with the conditions of their experience, have failed to take the required actions to maintain them. There are creators, and those that live within their creations. The creators are losing control through inactivity, as those that have lived within the creations are now begining to act. The creators owe it to them to provide a more stable experience. Do not allow the lower energy to rise!


The Journey IS the Destination!

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