Love the one you’re with!

They say: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. In other words, most situations never play out as we had intended them. This year, (for the second year in a row) my wife and I took the ride to Americade with another couple. Last year, we had a blast. There are a ton of great roads in the Adirondacks to Cruise. Lakes, rivers, mountains and beautiful little towns with tasty eats dot the mountainous terrain. There is no shortage of great riding while at the Americade. The key to having a blast is not to expect anything to go as planned, and make the best of whatever goes down.

With the advent of global positioning satellite technology, one would never expect to get lost. GPS only works, if you don’t think you know better. In NY, you can be travelling SW on a road that reads, 2N, or heading east on 9n. Then all of a sudden, roads converge, and then fork. Now you’re travelling SE on a northbound road, knowing that you need to head NW, so; you do the smart thing, and turn around, even if the GPS keeps screaming at you not to. Bottom line: after an hour of travelling in the wrong direction, you decide to turn back. Those of us that love planning, and expect our day to unfold as we intended, could feel the day was ruined. However, if you are enjoying the ride, it doesn’t really matter; does it? Love the ride your on, and the trip will be a blast. Make the most of wherever you end up. We discovered new little watering holes that we would not have found had my  plans worked out as written.

rainThe 2 hours home in the pouring rain were a nightmare. After I got home tough, I realized that my mortal fear of getting caught in a downpour was unfounded. I have a new skill. My father always told me that things work out for the best in the end, not to be to concerned about outcomes if I want to enjoy my life. Truer words were never spoken.

The big event of this century is the 2016 Presidential election. I know I am emotionally, physically, financially, sexually, psychologically and perhaps even digestionally tied to an outcome: ( as are many of us). There is no doubt that millions of us will be sorely disappointed if our candidate does not get in. I for one am in fear for our great nation. Today’s lesson though:” LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH”, will be the most critical philosophy we as a nation will have to employ once the outcome is clear. Whatever happens, we can all survive as long as we are determined to make the best of wherever we end up! Make lemonade out of the proverbial lemon!lemons


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