Doing your “FAIR” share

Fair: Agreeing to what is thought to be right or acceptable.

For those of us insane enough to be closely following the Presidential Election and all of  side shows; we have certainly heard the term “Fair Share” bandied about. In inasmuch as we are all on this spinning circling sphere trying to survive together, it seems that fairness would be a sociological imperative. So let us take a look at what’s fair.

  • The most successful of society providing for the least.
  • The most successful of society providing for the majority of society
  • Everyone pitching in 5 wise to care for the least successful
  • Every man for himself
  • The most successful taking advantage of the least
  • The least successful taking advantage of the most
  • Everyone taking advantage of the most successful
  • Everyone reaping the benefit of their own contribution in kind.

This taking care of, or providing for that I speak of can encompass everything from funding necessary government expenses, funding government waste, assisting those with challenged conditions beyond their own making, covering for those that have destroyed their own ability to care for themselves through apathy, lack of responsibility and laziness and supporting all government programming whether agreed with or not.

There is another form of taking care of which I will not incorporate into this dispute, and that is the one that naturally unfolds when productive responsible individuals make their contribution to society.

1st Corinthians 12 tells us all about “Fair Share”

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.

This bold yet basic message informs us that we have each been endowed with a special (talent, passion, ability, or understanding) that is vital in the successful expansion of the Universe, ( the physical presentation of God “In Form” information). All parts of the body, ( foot ,hand, spleen, Thoracic Vertebrae #4, and even images (1)intestinal bacteria) all have an important part to play to ensure the healthy function of “The Body”. In the same manner, we each have a responsibility to use our gifts for the betterment of the whole of experience. Like puzzle pieces on the board, or patches on a quilt, many parts make up the 1 WHOLE.

With this in mind, I would assume that “fair Share” meant using your gifts to the best of your ability. Those that tend to judge, seem to weigh outward appearance of financial success, against the masses, and vilify those that display excess.Somehow, they have “more than their fair share” and need to have it taken from them and ” redistributed”.. These advocates for redistribution cannot possibly understand what is fair, and what is not. The design of this dance we call life is such that true success is measured by peace of mind, happiness and joy. This success is related to our inner understanding that we are using our gifts unselfishly. There are those that present financial wealth outwardly, yet live in constant fear and grief, while others may appear to have noting, yet have joy beyond our understanding. The process polices itself. There is no need for intervention.

On another note, the so called billionaires that the masses have such vitriol over, and wish to rape for all their wares, contribute way more than anyone cares to admit. If an individual has used his ability to dream, design, lead, manage, leverage, and create, many large businesses, employing thousands, well:

  • They all have prosperous lives
  • They all in turn impact others
  • They spend their $$ and are taxed
  • They donate to causes and help others.

So you can see that that “rich businessman” aside from the enormous amount of tax $$ his company and he personally pays, makes a contribution to the well being of mankind exponentially more than he receives in remuneration. We don’t even know if his wealth affords him the joy that his offering to “The Whole” is entitled too. With half of society condemning him, and the other half trying to take his outward wealth, how is it possible to sit back and be proud of yourself?

Now the very worst part of this “fairness paradigm” is the affect it has on those that we are told deserve our compassion. We have all seen the signs in sate parks about not feeding the wildlife as they become dependent; well, when we “take care of” those that we believe are entitled to our benefaction, we rob them of the very opportunity to use their spiritual gifts in a contributory manner beneficial for the “Whole”. Once one ceases to contribute, they have no vehicle to feel the joy related to ” being all that you can be” Purpose and meaning stripped away, life becomes about a pointless struggle to survive.

So you see, by trying to determine that those that “have” do their “Fair Share” by taking from them, and rendering the masses useless and powerless, we are robbing humanity of the very impetus needed to experience love & joy.WE CANNOT DECIDE, FAIR, NOR CAN WE TAKE MORE FROM OTHERS TO MAKE UP FOR OUR OWN SHORTCOMINGS.ANY ATTEMPT TO ALTER THE NATURAL STATE OF THINGS ALWAYS BACKFIRES.

For me, today, I will defer to: Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

What goes around, comes around, That is FAIR SHARE!


The Journey IS the DESTINATION!

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