Lemonade Nation

I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems: life goes on and it can be better tomorrow!”~ Maya Angelou

Today is Sunday November 6th 2016. About 60 hours from now, the result of the most controversial year in this country ( in my life) will be in. No matter what; 1/2 the country will be disappointed, angry and perhaps disgusted. While this past year has been the most divisive and nasty I have lived through, it is not the worst we have seen as a nation.
Starting Wednesday November 9th, we must put our differences aside and begin the healing process. There is no way either side of the recent controversy will benefit from their victory if the opposing side continues the fight.
While I will never advocate giving up, or dismissing what you believe in, I will suggest finding a way to work with what we’ve got.lemonade
Each side must continue to work towards their respective agendas, but do so without the vitriol and animus.
With anger and resentment there will be no peace. Only through acceptance and compromise will we heal.
Our differences have always been with us as a nation, but for decades, we functioned within them with relative acceptance and civility. I have no idea how common decency disappeared this cycle, but without it, we will degenerate into a nation of anger and resentment. The rule of law will evaporate and chaos will ensue
Please do not allow the political machine run a stake through the very heart of our resilience.
The USA is a nation of the people, not ruled by the politicians. Whomever your choice was, winner or loser, you still have a voice. Violence and lawlessness will never bring about change, only compromise and unity can do that.
The machine has torn us apart. We must bring ourselves back together.
Follow your hearts, not your heads.
The Journey IS the Destination!


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