Merry Christmas

There: I said it! In an article going out to the public I uttered a politically incorrect taboo. I’m told that the  incoming leadership of the good old U S of A is going to make it acceptable once again to be politically incorrect.

So this Christmas will we see more charitable giving? Should I expect to see more Baby Jesus in mangers on front lawns than blow up Winnie the Pooh with a red I’m not going to hold my breath though. I don’t believe the leader ever dictated what the people would espouse. I see that it was the other way around.

Many believed that the Mayan calendar ending on 12/21/2012 prophesied the end of the world. We all know it did not end. Some in spiritual circles, lament that 2012 was “ The beginning of the end”, where there would be a separation of good and evil, a widening gap between those that reflect  unity, charity, togetherness and love, with those that seek self-centered isolationism, instant gratification, decadence, depravity, self indulgence and debauchery. This disparity would give rise to conflict, with the strongest emerging the victor and reshaping the fabric of society. I believe we are living through that now.

You see, leaders did not decide what society would accept: societies loudest cries gave birth to leaders that are a reflection of their desires. Just as a pendulum swings equal distance in both directions; the leadership change to the polar opposite of what it was should have been predictable. download-1 The swing of the pendulum is so accurate that it is the basis of measuring time. As time marches on, so  will the opposing forces switch places.

The “left” have been vocal, evangelical in nature, and intolerant for a long time while the right remained politely silent not wanting to cause trouble, minding their own business quietly hoping for change one day. Things went too far left and the right woke up, banded together and took back the lead. Any changes born out of this reversal will not be the product of those “in charge” but of those that ushered in the change.

SO; will it be OK to say Merry Christmas in a place of business this year without being accused of offending? Perhaps! But then, will racial slurs, segregation and biases born of fear and ignorance also be OK? Ah, there’s the rub.  Moderation and common sense must be employed with this changing of the guard. In order to have an effective, lasting change, without just having the pendulum swing to and fro endlessly, compromise must be reached. So for those that won, do not condemn those that opposed you. For those that lost, realize you made your own bed, by pushing too far in one direction. For peace on earth, good will toward men to reign supreme as the December 25th birthday is to commemorate, we all must look for common ground, compromise and unity.  Instead of choosing sides, choose compromise!images

Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!

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