When the Screen Actors Guild has an award ceremony, or The Oscars, Emmy’s and the like are held, all of Hollywood excels at ACCEPTANCE. They have elaborate acceptance speeches, eloquently articulate their gratitude for all those that have supported and empowered them, and sometimes even accept in absentia, or on behalf of an associate. It seems that this sense of acceptance has suddenly disappeared. Not only in Hollywood, but unilaterally,  bi-coastal, inter-racially and completely. Our nation is in crisis right now. The crisis is of a magnitude the likes we have never seen. The catalyst is not a race, gender, religious group, left, right middle political affiliation, rich or poor. The crisis is all of us. The issue is intolerance.

I am 58 years young and have survived several Presidential elections in my day. There are times my choice won, and times it didn’t. Of course during the latter I was disappointed. I respectwould hold on to hope that either I was wrong and the country would be better off with the choice of the people, or that no matter  how it worked out, we would move forward and grow, ( just not as I would have chosen)

I’m used to that. We all are. At work the decisions made are not always in line with my desires, nor at home. I have to capitulate the the desires of my wife and children to keep the peace. It’s called compromise. We have been doing it since the dawn of existence.

The Rolling Stones said it beautifully in their song “ You can’t always get what you want”. They continue to explain: “ But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what need”!

With acceptance and compromise, we can work together to find Common Ground. This way the disparity between opposing views is minimal. When we fight against our disappointment; nothing gets resolved. All that happens is the displeasure escalates, rendering the possibility of happiness on both sides impossible.

When we are confronted with conditions that are not of our liking, constructively working toward change will have the possibility of yielding such common ground. Viciously surfingfighting against what we are unhappy about will never make us happy. When it gets right down to it; the fight is all about getting our way so that we can be happy. But fighting will render happiness unattainable.

“Tolerance, compromise, understanding, acceptance, patience – I want those all to be very sharp tools in my shed.” – Ceelo Grren

Anything we fight against results in pain for all, while anything we work together toward, yields positive results. So when did we become animals and discard reason?  If you are rioting, destroying, looting and committing violence, or vowing to retaliate against those that are, you are only making matter worse. The world is watching in both fear and delight as the largest superpower, leader of freedom and democracy implodes.

Regardless where you stand, left, right, top, bottom, or in the back yard; reach out in peace or shut the hell up. You’re not helping, or creating change.

These last 10 weeks the USA has looked like one of those third world dictatorships in revolt. I assure you any attempts to over throw or undermine will land us in a huge dung heap. RETHINK YOUR STRATEGY AND ASK YOURSELF IF IT IS WORKING.


The JOURNEY is the Destination.

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