Desire Vs Expectation

I have dreams. I have goals, and I have desires. I also have expectations. We have had some unseasonably warm weather lately and I have seen and heard an inordinate amount of bikes out for this time of year. As soon as I saw the weather warm up, I expected to see that. So it was.

Many of us have goals, dreams, desires and such, but few ever realize them. There is a bible verse that references faith and expectation.

Mark 11: 24.What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you have already received them, and you shall have them.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to go all biblical on you. I just wanted to set the stage. You see; faith & our experiences are directly related. While we have plans, goals, and dreams, all the things we desire, we also have expectations. I have a very strong desire to win Powerball. I don’t expect to: SO I WON’T.  Many times we tell ourselves we have faith, we would like to believe that we really believe what we are praying for will come to pass, but in the cold light of day, we don’t expect it to. That is where our doubt overshadows our faith. The two cannot exist simultaneously. Even though we try to convince ourselves we believe a certain way, unless we feel good about, put all worry aside and expect nothing less, we have no faith. That is why prayers do not get answered, actually they do; the expectation being stronger is what gets validated.

Having confidence, faith and an ironclad knowing of what we desire is the seed of manifestation. being filled with gratitude for what we have, and expecting i more of the same will yield positive outcomes.image1

As we look at the elephant in the room (the state of the country), we must admit that it is difficult to expect harmony, unity and brotherly love to prevail tomorrow. We are all witnessing just what we expect. In other words, we are getting what we asked for even though we do not realize we asked. Isn’t that great? We expect it; and it is SO!

We are all mature enough to understand that we cannot change the mind, attitude or behavior of others. All we have control of is our own actions and attitudes. What we look for and expect to see will multiply in our life. We all need to start trying to see the good out there. Expect positive encounters and we will find ourselves wrapped in them. The more of us that embrace this, the quicker the world will get in line. Even if the world does not improve, our lives will if we expect them to.

WE ALLOWEmotional suffering, stress, worry & grief are the meter that informs us how far our expectation is from our desire. When we start to feel joy on a regular basis, that is the indication that our expectations and desires are getting close to one another. That is the genesis of change.


Change the way you look at life; your life will change!


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