Contribution Revolution

There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of having made a difference. While we all look to those that volunteer and donate to causes and conditions as heroes, the satisfaction they derive from their selflessness far out weights their compromise. Don’t misunderstand me though, selfless givers are surely individuals high on integrity and compassion and certainly deserve our accolades, but know that the selflessness translates to self satisfaction absent any recognition. We all need to be needed and will only live fulfilling lives if we are making a contribution to the common good.

Some of us may not have the luxury of time needed to be involved in a variety of causes. That does not mean that the lives of those that do not give selflessly are less than those that do, or not as rewarding. Our careers, jobs, families, customers and coworkers are all the beneficiaries of our contribution. Whenever we use our talents and skills to improve a situation, we are contributing to the well being and evolution of society.Attachment-1  It does not matter that we get paid. Wallace Wattles, a 19th century “New Thought” Guru taught that is important to give more value than we receive. If we get paid $1, we should give $1.10 in goods or services. This allows us the knowledge that we made a contribution. Never give less than your best, or you are taking as opposed to giving.

Last week I spent 2 days working on an event in my town, I  know the town  surely needs as much help as they can get to revitalize the economy and reawaken the social scene.  Since I was volunteering my time, it was very satisfying to see how successful the event was.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help

In today’s politically correct world, with social programs being offered to almost half of the country, individuals are being robbed of the opportunity to contribute and be relevant.  I do believe that what separates us from lower species is our compassion for those that have challenges and are facing hardship. However, since the dawn of time, man has always fended for himself and provide for his loved ones and community. When we take that option off the table, we’ve dis-empowered those we believe we are ministering to and leave them void of purpose, destroying their self worth and minimizing their impact on society. The vehicles the this country has employed to be compassionate end up compromising the importance of the very group we intend to uplift.IMG_3619

We have all seen and heard the stories of individual with challenges both physical and otherwise, rising beyond their limit and making significant contributions to the world. They then become role models for others and rise in worth exponentially.

Instead of giving to, we should all be seeking to empower those in needs first so that they can realize the joy of contribution and have fulfilling lives.

Too may services create too much dependence and it spirals out of control. Lift up before handing out and you will be a modern hero! “teach a man to fish,,,,, Let’s start a Contribution Revolution. It’s time to help other use whatever gifts they have to participate in this wonderful experience.





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