Stop and smell,,,,,,ANYTHING!

It seems we don’t have luck with rose bushes on my property. That does not mean I need to miss out on my life. There are a ton of other flowers that the bees and the wildlife enjoy around my house all the (1)

I am a staunch advocate of “Living in the NOW”. I regularly pontificate about the present moment being the only true reality, as before and later exist only as thought. The “pre-sent” space/time canvass that we have to create out experience is a PRESENT to us from the power that transcends our understanding.  While I can wax philosophical about this important life component, it dawns on me that I am not as diligent as I should be with my own advice. Granted, when I’m riding my Victory Cross Country Tour, I manage to be present and soak in every second of the scenery, the speed, wind, sensation on my skin, and love for the woman sitting behind me: but there is so much more.

New England winters can be challenging, so I really look forward to April so I can get out and enjoy myself. I get a good couple of weeks off from work each year so I have ample opportunity for vacation, and I do have weekends and evenings. The light hanging with us until almost 9:00PM is an added advantage also. The problem I have found is:

DO I get on my bike and ride? Or play golf? Drag the kayaks to the lake, or take a dip in my pool?  Take the bicycles to the scenic path, or hike one of the hundreds of fantastic trails in CT? Cape, or Lake George. Mountains in NH/VT, or the Maine coast? Winery, brewery, concert or show? Car show, or bike run: Hot Tub or fire pit?I feel like none of those selections could be missed if I plan to enjoy the season, so I frantically run from one to the other trying to weave in lawn mowing, pool cleaning, home maintenance and the like. I recently realized, while I am doing one activity my mind is racing about how and when to get the next one in. All of this relaxation is stressful.

Last night my wife Andrea and I were at the home of a close friend that runs a non-profit Therapeutic Horse  Stable . The program pairs challenged youth and adults with any type of emotional, developmental or physical challenge, with Horses, to create a bond, trust and therapeutic connection. He shared a story of a client that had suffered trauma as a youth and was there to learn to connect for freedom from anxiety. The woman was brushing a horse and it walked away, turning its back. In horse speak that is the equivalent of “ Screw you”. The therapist counseled the woman on letting go of her racing thoughts that historically guided her actions, and just simply be in the moment. The woman emotionally confessed that she has never done that as she has always lacked trust of people and more importantly, trust of herself. She admitted that no matter what she is doing, her mind races with thoughts of the past and they cause her much anxiety. As she connected with her inner spirit through this epiphany of honesty, the Horse turned around, came back and rested its head on her chest. While the animal kingdom does not speak English, they understand us more than we understand ourselves. At that moment, the woman experienced the grace of living in the present moment while releasing her chains to the past severing the debilitating control they had on her life.

We all must let go of yesterday so we can be free from its bondage, and plan for tomorrow, but be present right NOW, one activity at a time. Better to do 2 things fully than 22 things without really experiencing any of them.

After he told the story, we sat and looked out at the evening sky overtaking his pasture and he calmly uttered: Not too tough to take; is it”? We just sat after that.

Oh, then we had ice cream!


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  1. Abhijith Padmakumar says:

    Wow really awesome post. I enjoyed it so much 😊. Thanks a lot for posting 👍


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