Out of Focus: Remaining sane amid the insanity

Are you aware that the temperature at the South Pole in the winter can hit -76 degrees F? Did you know that Caracas Venezuela has 3 homicides pr 10,000 people every Year? Does either of these facts disturb you? Will the knowing of this compromise your quality of life? I think not. Partially because you are removed from them, but mostly because you don’t give them any thought. Even being far away from these places, if you researched these statistics regularly, attempted to change them, spoke about them, wrote about them and viewed video of people affected by them, you would be angry. It would probably degrade your happiness quotient resulting to a life of grief.images

The point is; not matter what is going on, fact, fiction, opinion, or conjecture, without giving it focus and intention, it will not bother us.

Today, there are millions of people, riled up about the opinions of others, stories they hear, and perceived wrongs that may or may not have validity. None the less, these millions either take to the airwaves, media, streets or local gathering places and focus on, embellish upon, glorify and vilify situations that have very little impact without such focus, to the point of misery. Regardless your side in the “Great Divide of 2017” I’m sure you feel the pain. All sides believe the other side is filled with idiots, morons, heretics, “phobic’s of some sort or the other, and hell bent on destruction. There is serious unrest and a marked degradation in the quality of life all around.

What has changed? Nothing really! The left is left, the right is right. Up is up and cold is cold. No more have died, or been misplaced. The only real difference is the level of attention paid to conditions that do not suit us. When we focus on situations that are not aligned with our desires we feel pain. There is still plenty around that IS aligned with our desire, but it seems we are looking at, talking about and blowing up, the situations that we are not in synch with. That is abnormal.

We each have more control than we know. What we focus on expands in our lives. That is why positive thinking, speaking and living is paramount to happy successful lives. If we each make an effort to keep our attention on the things in life that we find pleasing,download (2).jpg speak about, share, and highlight only those conditions; our lives will be filled with happiness, regardless of what mayhem exists beyond our little sphere of awareness.

What you think about expands. As a man thinketh; so shall he be! You and only you have full control over your happiness.


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