The Swing is the Thing

us riding

I’ve heard it said that golf is a nice walk in the field gone awry. I have also had many s ride gone sour by making the decision to drive through the city, or by riding with people I don’t really like. The best of days, and most pristine conditions can be ruined in heartbeat by one decision.  Basically; The natural state of our world is peace. Turmoil, upheaval, controversy and panic are constructs of the human mind. Each of us will occasionally find ourselves shrouded in confusion and mayhem. All we need to understand how to sidestep the chaos is that we either created it, allowed it, fed into it, or focused upon it, thus drawing the situation to the forefront of our being. By shifting our focus to the natural order of life, (which is peace) we can once again claim our sense of calm.

The idea of living an idyllic life seems so far out of reach to many. What most folk fail to realize is the level of control we actually have. Life by itself is not inherently, negative.  We have complete creative control. Perhaps we do not determine what situations cross our path, but we do decide what road to take when we get to the fork, or which exit on the traffic circle to lean into. swingTo use a baseball comparison, a pitch can come in high and outside, low and inside, wildly out of control, or right down the pipe. The fate of the batter is determined by his decision to swing or not to swing, and how that swing meets the ball. The pitch is not the deal, the swing is everything. No matter what is going on; the determining factor whether we live blissful lives of peace, or anguished existences enshrouded in turmoil and grief is ultimately our choice.

We all spend our days with millions of thoughts swirling around in our craniums. We actually decide which thoughts to focus on, and which ones to discard. Sometimes it is a mystery how some of them get there, but the focus is surely by choice. Happy thoughts will create light moods that result in happy choices and better life experiences. Leaving our minds wallowing in the dark recesses of our inner most fears, will result in like conditions showing up in our lives.
Our experience is a reflection of our choice of focus. The calamity may have been borne of forces beyond our control, but we could only experience it by invitation.  When riding down the road, look at the pretty stuff and leave the garbage behind. Swing batter, batter swing!
Choose peace.

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